Houston Texans: Andre Brown Is Decent Insurance Policy For Arian Foster

By Andrew Fisher

We all knew the Houston Texans would be adding a running back this offseason, either in free agency or via the draft. But just weeks before the draft, the team has made a move.

Andre Brown has inked a one-year deal with the Texans, which should put him in the No. 2 RB spot come training camp time.

The man that’s ahead of Brown in the Houston backfield is of course Arian Foster. But unlike the past couple of years, Foster’s status isn’t exactly clear heading into the new season. Sure, he’s still the man in Houston, but how will he respond after back surgery?

It’s a question that’s on everyone’s mind.

When it comes to back surgery, there are certainly no guarantees. Unlike knees and shoulders, backs can be a bit of a mystery in the injury department. Issues frequently return after surgery and there’s always a chance of the player never being the same.

Foster is expected to be 100 percent to start next season, but in the event that he goes down, Brown should be able to step up and fill his shoes. However, Brown has also had his fair share of injury issues so far in his young career. Whether he’ll be fully healthy, is yet another question facing the Texans in 2014.

When Brown is healthy, he’s a pretty good back. During his career year in 2012, he averaged 5.3 YPC and found the end zone on eight occasions, while carrying the ball just 73 times. Those numbers really illustrate what he’s capable of.

Overall, the Texans had to replace Ben Tate. Andre Brown is a good candidate to do so, but I’ll stop short of calling him a great insurance policy for Foster because of his injury troubles.

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