Petition Seeking New York Jets Training Camp Ban For Michael Vick Won't Succeed

By Luis Tirado Jr.
Michael Vick
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The New York Jets were fully aware of exactly what they got when they agreed to sign quarterback Michael Vick. They were getting an experienced veteran towards the end of his career in hopes of developing their quarterback of the future in Geno Smith. They wanted to bring someone who could compete to start this upcoming season so Smith can learn more from the bench. The Jets also knew the baggage that came with bringing Vick in.

It’s known how back in 2007 Vick was caught and sentenced to serve some jail time for his involvement in an illegal dog-fighting operation. Vick helped organize and promote this horrendous act and rightfully pleaded guilty for his mistakes. Vick served his jail time and paid his debt to society while also learning an invaluable lesson.

Does he deserve a second chance? Well, he already got one since he was able to come back into the NFL and had a good run with the Philadelphia Eagles before landing with this Jets during free agency. However, according to a new online petition, many feel he shouldn’t have gotten that chance and are now seeking to ban him from appearing at Jets training camps.

This new online petition wants him banned from participating in any and all training camps that are held in Cortland, N.Y.which is the home of the Jets’ training complex. This petition currently has over one thousand signatures with more signing each day. Will this petition succeed in keeping Vick out of training camp?


Just because someone came up with an online petition on a free website doesn’t mean his contract is going to get voided or he’s actually going to get banned from practicing and running drills. Yes, his previous actions were horrible, but like any other person, you are allowed to be forgiven as you deal with the consequences. He did his time, paid his dues and has been fine ever since. Vick learned a valuable lesson he will never forget for the rest of his life.

Many speak about how humble Vick has been these past few years since his incident and that he’s been a role model inside and outside the locker room. It’s understood his acts were despicable, but we all must move on from it and just move forward to the future. No online petition is going to keep him from doing his job since people need to understand he did everything he was asked to do and then some.

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