Brandon Spikes Compares Playing For New England Patriots To Slavery

By Andrew Fisher
Brandon Spikes

After four years with the New England Patriots, Brandon Spikes is ready to start a new chapter in his career. The 26-year old linebacker signed on with the Buffalo Bills a few weeks back, and apparently, he couldn’t be happier about leaving the Patriots in the dust.

Check out these explosive tweets from Spikes (@BrandonSpikes51):

“it’s icing on my cake to hand the #Patriots two big L’s this year. #justwatch”

“4 years a slave”

“I’ll tweet in a sec. Busy blocking every single #MassHole one sec #Twitter brb”

As you can see, Mr. Spikes doesn’t have the best feelings for his former team and state. Naturally, any time a guy compares playing for an NFL team to slavery, it’s going to get people talking.

In this case, Spikes was clearly just taking the name of a popular movie and turning it into a way to express his feelings. It’s not like he called Bill Belichick a slave driver or anything way over the line. But any time that word is included in a description of a workplace, things can get ugly.

Furthermore, Spikes has likely angered many Massachusetts residents with his ‘MassHole’ comment. You can do that math on what that term means, but let’s just say he thinks folks in the New England area are cantankerous.

Was Spikes best served to just keep quiet or use a different analogy? Sure. But it’s also not a bad thing to express dislike for your former team. It’s something that can make sports great, because chips on shoulders usually equal better performances on Sunday.

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