Jason Garrett, Tony Romo and the Misrepresentation of Their Relationship

By Jesus Flores
Jason Garrett, Tony Romo, jason Witten and DeMarco Murray attend the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship Game
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One thing that has never failed to amaze me about the offseason, is that when there is nothing to report, you better believe something about the Dallas Cowboys will spawn up.

Most recently, SEC network analyst, and former NFL defensive end, Marcus Spears pointed out that he thought that seeing certain players with the head coach and owner of the team in high-profile public places sent the wrong message to the rest of the players on the roster.

Spears also went on to write a piece in which he questioned head coach Jason Garrett’s relationship with quarterback Tony Romo. In his article, Spears mentioned the visit that Garrett and Romo made to Duke. However, had Spears done a little more research, he would have found that they were there to see quarterbacks guru David Cutcliffe, and not for whatever reason or reasons that he or any other members of the media were thinking.

For a long time the Cowboys have been described as dysfunctional. The perception is that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is an authoritarian and that it’s his way or the highway; that, for a lack of better terms, Jones is a micromanager.

One thing that this offseason has proven, to me, is that even that perception is flawed. Jones has given up some of his power, as evidenced by Garrett being allowed to promote Rod Marinelli to defensive coordinator and hiring Scott Linehan as his offensive play caller.

Furthermore, the direction in which the franchise is headed is the opposite of what we’ve seen from Jones in years past, as evidenced by DeMarcus Ware’s release and the decision to let Jason Hatcher depart via free agency.

I’m not trying to discredit Spears’ opinion, by any means, but what I am saying is that perception is not always reality. So, by that token, I think that seeing the leadership on my team with the head coach would serve to strengthen the bond in the locker room, rather than tear it down.

I think that seeing the camaraderie that the front office has with its head coach and its team leaders, will help the younger players and other veterans in buying into what the Cowboys are trying to do as they move forward.

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