Johnny Manziel’s Rumored Wonderlic Score Shouldn’t Raise NFL Draft Stock

By RantSports Staff
Johnny Manziel wonderlic test score
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Every year, we hear about the Wonderlic scores of high-profile NFL Draft prospects, but every year teams don’t really change their draft boards based off these scores. In case you’re wondering, the Wonderlic is basically an IQ test taken by the prospects before the draft and it’s supposed to help teams decide when a specific player should be taken. Johnny Manziel reportedly scored the highest of all quarterbacks in 2014 class, but that likely won’t change his draft stock, and it shouldn’t.

The scores haven’t been reported in full, but bits and pieces are surfacing through rumors and reports and we’re staring to get a decent look at how several of the higher-profile players did. The highest score possible on the Wonderlic is a 50 and Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a ridiculous 48 in 2005, so a 30 is considered “good” for a quarterback.

So what was Manziel’s score? We don’t know exactly, but it was apparently in the “good” range. Ok, so the kid can pass an IQ test. That doesn’t mean he will now be able to read defenses better than he could before taking the test and that doesn’t mean all the crazy stuff he did off the field during his college days no longer apply.

If the Houston Texans weren’t planning on taking him with the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft before he took the test, they probably aren’t planning on it now. It’s interesting that Manziel reportedly has the highest score among passers, but don’t let it change your opinion of him as a player.


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