New Orleans Saints Rumors: Jimmy Graham Extension Could Take Months

By Andrew Fisher
Jimmy Graham
Derek E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

There’s one question on New Orleans Saints fans’ mind right now — when will Jimmy Graham get his contract extension?

It truly is a million dollar question. Or more accurately, a multi-year and multi-million dollar question.

Thus far, the Saints have just angered Graham by slapping him with a TE franchise tag. Graham wanted to be tagged as a WR because of the amount of snaps he plays in that position, and of course, because he’d be due more money.

The deadline to file a grievance for such a thing is coming up quickly on April 22. Many across the football world were expecting a new contract to be in place by that date, but new comments from Saints GM Mickey Loomis have people thinking otherwise:

“I don’t have an answer for that. That’s a two-way street. You know, you guys (media) have been through this lots of times. I think all of us would rather have things done sooner rather than later, but it doesn’t always happen that way. So we’ll keep going, we’ll keep at it in the process. Obviously we want to have Jimmy Graham on our team when training camp begins, and I am sure he wants to be with us. So we’ll just keep plugging away at the process. He’s got a great agent. And all his people, they know what they’re doing, and so do we. Hopefully we’ll come to a conclusion at some point.”

So it appears that things could get worse before they get better. However, it seems that all sides are optimistic that a new deal will be reached before the final deadline of July 15.

If New Orleans fails to make Graham happy by that date, then 2014 could get interesting. But even if things get ugly, I’m still not buying the Saints letting Graham walk. He’s too good and they’ll give him what he wants eventually.


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