Roger Staubach Off Base With Comments on Johnny Manziel's NFL Potential

By Jeric Griffin
Roger Staubach on Johnny Manziel's NFL potential
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In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Roger Staubach is a legend. In the pointless debates about sports Mt. Rushmores, he’s always listed for Dallas and he’s always mentioned among the all-time greatest Dallas Cowboys. In addition, he typically has words of wisdom that would benefit America’s Team if Jerry Jones would just listen to him, but Staubach’s latest remarks about when Johnny Manziel should be taken in the 2014 NFL Draft have us wondering if the 72-year-old is starting to show his age.

“I think Manziel is a Russell Wilson-type player. He doesn’t have the height; he has a strong arm and he throws with accuracy. I just think there’s something about this kid. I think Manziel is going to be a valuable player in the NFL.”

Staubach says Manziel should be taken with the first overall pick, ahead of pass-rushing star Jadeveon Clowney and then came the aforementioned comparison to Wilson. Sure, Clowney has his flaws, but as far as NFL talent goes, he’s a way better pick than Manziel. That’s not to say he should go first overall, but Clowney-to-Manziel is no comparison from a pro-level standpoint.

And enough with the Wilson comparisons! Yes, Manziel is “short” by NFL quarterback standards like Wilson, but that doesn’t mean he’s a similar player. Everyone compared Wilson to Drew Brees two years ago because of height (and they still do), but he’s a completely different player; Wilson and Brees’ playing styles don’t resemble one another at all.

Sure, Manziel is an athletic kid who made plays on the run in college, but he did it through wild, jump-ball throws to Mike Evans, who simply out jumped all of the shorter cornerbacks defending him. Wilson makes plays while on the move, but does so methodically and with a calm, mature approach that is also reflected off the field. To say the words “calm” and “mature” apply to Manziel in any shape, form or fashion is absurd.

Here’s the one thing Wilson and Brees have in common that Manziel doesn’t: the former two can read defenses before and after the snap and go through their progressions in the pocket. How in the world are all these “experts” and elder players like Staubach not seeing that Manziel literally can’t read a defense while in the pocket? Watch any game film on him and you’ll see that he either throws to his first read or scrambles to make a wild throw on almost every play. Sure, that worked in college, but ask Vince Young and Tim Tebow how that style of play worked out for them in the NFL.

Again, everyone loves Staubach and his advice for the Cowboys is always fantastic, but this nonsense about Manziel is just ridiculous. Of course, many so-called “experts” are saying the same thing, but these are the same folks who said JaMarcus Russell would succeed in the NFL as well.

Stick to talking Cowboys, Roger. Let the “experts” make themselves look foolish without doing the same to yourself.

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