The Boos Won't Change Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

By Jeremy Martin
Jerry Jones at the final four
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In the last week Jerry Jones has been booed loudly in his own billion dollar palace and at the ACM awards. There has also been criticism from two former players about preferential treatment of certain star players — mainly Tony Romo and Jason Witten, both of whom were in Jerry’s suite for the NCAA Championship game on Monday night. Most people would be bothered by the events of the last week, but I don’t believe it fazes Jerry in the least.

Jerry Jones has faced criticism for years. He is routinely called the worst GM in all of sports for his pathetic history of draft picks and free agent signings. He has also been called the worst owner in sports for his unwillingness to fire himself as the GM. Jerry has been called every name in the book and has been accused of not caring about winning. Dallas Cowboys fans have been complaining about Jerry for two decades, and you know what has changed? The answer is nothing at all.

Jerry has an ego bigger than the stadium his team plays in, and because of that he refuses to let what people think or say affect him. Jerry is going to do things his way whether the fans like it or not, and he will defend his decisions whether they work of fail. Jerry’s confidence and ego is one reason boos and criticism doesn’t get to him, but it’s not the biggest reason.

The main reason Jerry isn’t affected by boos is because if you are in the stadium booing; that means you already paid the 75 bucks for parking. It means you already paid the six dollars for a soft drink or the five dollars for a small bottle of water. See, while fans are booing Jerry is smiling all the way to the bank.

Jerry knows that as long as he keeps hosting big events that the fans will keep coming. He also knows that if he keeps the Cowboys just entertaining and interesting enough that fans allow themselves to hope this season might be different — that this might be the year they don’t finish 8-8 and finally escape the wilderness of mediocrity. If Jerry does that, then the money will keep rolling in.

The fans have every right to boo Jerry Jones as loudly as they please, but just know that a stadium full of fans booing will never change the way he runs the Cowboys. The only thing that will make Jerry change is if there ever comes a day when nobody bothers to show up at the stadium to boo.

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