Cleveland Browns Foolish For Matching Jacksonville Jaguars’ Offer to Alex Mack

By Michael Terrill
Alex Mack Cleveland Browns
Getty Images

It’s true that the Cleveland Browns need to improve the offensive line, which is why it’s understandable that the organization decided to match the Jacksonville Jaguars’ offer to Alex Mack. However, it’s a downright foolish move to tie up $42 million ($26 million guaranteed) in a center when there are so many other glaring problems.

Jacksonville believed they had a good shot at acquiring Mack on a five-year deal. No way did they believe Cleveland would make the mistake of matching such an offer. Unfortunately for the Jaguars and Mack, the Browns decided to anchor a disgruntled player to their roster.

It’s not that Mack won’t play to the best of his ability for Cleveland over the next two years. It’s more of the fact that he simply had his eyes set on moving to sunny Jacksonville and helping the Jaguars turn around its franchise. He clear wants play for a winner, but it won’t be easy to do that with a team that has struggled for so long. Obviously, the Jaguars are in no better position to post a winning record. At least with them he would be suiting up in a city he truly wants to be a part of going forward.

The joke is on the Browns because Mack’s contract will allow him to void the last three years on the deal, which is something he will most likely do. Of course, that could change if Cleveland decides to be contenders in the AFC North in the next couple of seasons, but the odds are Mack will opt out and sign with another team regardless.

In a nutshell, the Browns are paying more money than they should for a player that clearly wanted out of Cleveland. It’s a situation that never seems to work out in favor of the team. Considering the Browns really have no room to be making these kinds of decisions, it truly was a bad move overall.

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