Aldon Smith Needs a Babysitter After LAX Bomb Incident

By Gil Alcaraz IV
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At some point, idiocy should outweigh talent.

In the latest chapter of his full-blown meltdown, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was detained at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after he indicated to officials that he was in possession of a bomb.

This latest incident comes less than a year after Smith checked himself into rehab following numerous issues with drugs and alcohol. Mix in three felony weapons charges stemming from an alleged shooting at Smith’s house in June of 2012. Put simply, Smith has gone from one of the top young talents in the NFL to a massive train wreck.

If the 49ers have any hope of Smith ever being an impact player again, they need to hire someone who can hold his hand 24/7 and keep him out of trouble. It seems every few weeks he’s finding another ridiculous way to get the authorities’ attention, which isn’t helping the 49ers’ image either. It’s time for Jim Harbaugh and Co. to put their foot down before Smith makes a mistake that can’t be fixed.

Even if there was no bomb, the threats themselves could land Smith behind bars. Similar situations have carried sentences ranging from 5-10 years in jail, but obviously the fact that he’s an NFL player will make a big difference. Still, terrorism isn’t taken lightly in this country.

Either way, it’s time for the 49ers to put Smith on lockdown. He’s giving the team a terrible image as he does his best to bring his once-promising career to an abrupt halt.

Calling all babysitters in the San Francisco area. 24-year-old male, must be kept away from drugs, alcohol, firearms and really anything that can potentially cause harm to himself or others. Must have experience with extremely rowdy children.

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