Aldon Smith's LAX Incident Should Come As No Surprise

By Tyler Fenwick
aldon smith arrest
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported today by Adam Schefter that San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested after indicating he possessed a bomb. No, really.

It’s just another embarrassing chapter in the book of NFL players’ attempts to function in society. We honestly shouldn’t be at all surprised that this happened. It comes less than a year after Smith checked himself into rehab for problems with drugs and alcohol.

We have the “N” word being tossed around, DeSean Jackson possibly being affiliated with gang activity … the list goes on. It’s probably best if we don’t dive into it all. We’re staring at the growling teeth of an already angry beast, but it’s one we keep running into.

This might be the worst of them, though. How immature does it get? This is like a scene you see in a movie — someone dropping a hint that they may be carrying a bomb or at least know of one. Smith just brings it all to life.

I’d like to say it’s time for NFL teams to crack down on these incidents, but you’re never going to tame a guy who’s making millions to play a game he loves. The head grows large, but the mind deflates. It’s a shame really, but that’s what we’re accustomed to now. In the end, Smith drew some eyes and ears because of his childish behavior, but it’s just the same old story that fans have gotten used to.

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