New York Jets Fans Getting Restless With Franchise Via Focus Group

By Luis Tirado Jr.
New York Jets
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A focus group is an excellent outlet provided by an organization to give outsiders an opportunity to speak their mind and vent their frustrations. Last month the New York Jets gave current and former season-ticket holders the opportunity to be brought in and speak their mind on the current affairs of the team. Anything and everything was the mantra of the focus group that was going to let their most dedicated fans put it all out in the open. The results of the focus group weren’t anything most diehard Jets fans haven’t heard about already.

Issues like how expensive MetLife Stadium is, not having a reunion with cornerback Darrelle Revis and the controversial signing of quarterback Michael Vick were some of the main headlines. The general consensus is most Jets fans are getting restless with the franchise and their lack of success. It seems like forever ago that the Jets boasted the No. 1 defense and rushing offense spearheading into the NFL playoffs. Everyone is growing weary that year after year the New England Patriots consistently are the cream of the crop in the AFC East.

Another major issue that was discussed in this focus group were personal seat licenses (PSLs). Prices are steadily dropping due to the lack of quality product the Jets put on the field to compete against other teams. It seems no one really wants to attend Jets games outside of New York because most would rather attend a New York Giants game instead. Many feel that the way the Giants run their organization compared to the Jets is like comparing night and day, and they are right.

When the topic of general manager John Idzik was brought up, most expressed how unhappy they are with him. Feeling he took an extremely slow start to free agency, many expressed he dug the Jets into a cornerback hole by not being quicker in acquiring top talent. Now the Jets must resort to the 2014 NFL Draft to fill their defensive secondary needs.

What was the one positive thing most said in the focus group? Head coach Rex Ryan drew favorable reviews for how he handled the team during a rocky season last year. Ending at 8-8, Ryan was able to salvage a lost season and effectively keep his job for the next few years.

Overall, the Jets have much work ahead of them if they plan to win over football fans like they did six years ago. Winning fixes everything. It won’t be easy, but hopefully they listen to all the great feedback given to them because you only get so many chances before it’s too late.

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