Green Bay Packers, Matt Flynn Destined to Stay Together Forever

By Michael Terrill
Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys

The fact that it took this long for the Green Bay Packers to ink a deal with quarterback Matt Flynn had plenty of fans worried. Apparently, the threat of Flynn signing with the New York Giants was enough to get Green Bay’s priorities straight. Even though details on Flynn’s contract have not been released, it’s safe to say that Flynn and the Packers appear destined to stay together for as long as the backup signal caller is healthy enough to remain in the league.

The 28-year-old was unable to clinch a starting role with the Seattle Seahawks or Oakland Raiders after his stellar performance against the Detroit Lions at the end of the 2011 season. The reality is I can’t imagine Flynn would be successful anywhere else no matter how many chances he received. Some quarterbacks excel in only one system. For Flynn, signing anywhere outside of Green Bay is career suicide.

Flynn gets along with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, he clearly understands what the Packers are all about and he dominates when given the opportunity. Obviously, he wasn’t lights out for Green Bay in 2013, but there’s no question he was the team’s savior. His performance against the Dallas Cowboys, which is arguably one of the greatest comebacks in franchise history, bolstered the Packers’ confidence enough to believe they could accomplish great things.

Flynn did exactly what a great backup quarterback is supposed to do. He kept the team afloat long enough so that they would be in striking distance once Rodgers returned to his role as the starter. It wasn’t always pretty, but he helped Green Bay get enough wins so that they would get a chance to play the for the NFC North division title on the last game of the season. Rodgers got a bulk of the credit for leading the Packers into the playoffs, but it was Flynn who deserved time in the spotlight.

With No. 10 guaranteed to be on the roster for the foreseeable future, Green Bay won’t have to go into panic mode if something were to happen to Rodgers again. That right there is exactly why the backup quarterback is one of the more underrated positions on the roster.

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