Baltimore Ravens' Pre-Draft Profile: Andre Hal

By Jermaine Lockett
Andre Hal
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Late in this year’s Draft the Baltimore Ravens will need to pick up a corner to compete with Asa Jackson and Chykie Brown for the third slot. Jimmy Smith and Lardarius Webb have the outside CB spots on lock so this will likely be a nickelback position up for grabs. When considering best value late, look no further for a cornerback than Andre Hal.

The Vanderbilt star had great seasons in 2012 and 2013. In 2012 he managed 48 tackles, 14 pass breakups and two interceptions. He followed that season in 2013 with 49 tackles, 15 pass breakups and three interceptions. He runs a 4.50 40-time, but has great closing speed. He appears to be solid in man-coverage and is able to mirror receivers.

What I love about the guy is his change of direction and ability to make a play on the ball once in the air. Some corners lack the ability to get their head around to locate the ball; Hal does this just fine.

Experts are saying his size is one of the reasons he is dropping to later rounds. I say they are crazy. I’ll even give you a comparison. As one of the best in the game, Darrelle Revis stands at 5-foot-11 and weights 198 pounds. Hal comes in at 5-foot-10, 188 pounds.

If a team overlooks this talent because of his height, then they deserve to pay once he jumps into their division. Seattle Seahawks were the one team in the league that had the tower-like corners, while everyone else went with the smaller shiftier models. The need for smaller type corners still exists because they may be playing against a “Wes Welker” type player in the slot.

I did have a few knocks on the guy and I hope if he comes to the Ravens late that Steve Spaguolo will be able to work with him on these issues. After watching the tape, I saw a player who had trouble shedding blocks to make tackles on the run. Hal had issues biting on play-action as well as option. Additionally, he gets a bit “handsy” when he gets beat because of looking in the backfield (usually in zone-coverage).

Overall, I see a guy who, with the proper coaching, can become a great inside or outside corner if given the chance. He is going to have to want it bad enough, though. His competition in Baltimore will be very steep. Look for this gentleman to go off the boards between the fourth and fifth round of the draft.

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