Chris Johnson Gets Clean Slate With New York Jets

By Andrew Fisher
Chris Johnson Jets
Getty Images

After his release from the Tennessee Titans, we didn’t hear much from Chris Johnson for several days. Then finally on Tuesday word emerged that he was visiting the New York Jets. 24 hours later, a deal between the two sides has been reached.

CJ2K will know officially be taking his talents to the Big Apple and a Jets team that’s trying to better itself on offense.

When it comes to Rex Ryan teams, you know they’re usually going to be solid on defense. That was again the case in 2013, as there was no way in you know where that the Jets finish at 8-8 without a good defense.

Thus far in 2014, New York has rightly focused most of its attention on improving the team’s offense. Eric Decker was brought in to be a go-to receiver, and now Johnson will help to make the team more dynamic in the backfield.

Let’s be clear — Decker and Johnson aren’t game-changers, but they’re definitely upgrades at their positions. Both guys will help Geno Smith mature as a pro QB, and they’ll help the Jets win another game or two in 2014.

It’s now going to be a matter of what the Jets do in the draft. I believe they need to go with offensive players early and often. They’ll be able to run effectively with CJ2K and Chris Ivory, but they won’t get the most out of those two backs unless there are multiple threats on the field at WR.

Overall, Johnson is a great signing for the Jets. He makes them a better offensive club and that was the team’s No. 1 priority this offseason. But it’s what the team does next month in the draft, that will truly let us know how good Johnson can be in New York.

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