Green Bay Packers Must Honor Brett Favre in 2014

By Michael Terrill
Brett Favre Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers and their loyal fans would like nothing more than to see Brett Favre standing back at Lambeau Field in front of a roaring ovation. The fact that a reunion nearly occurred last season, which would have happened if it weren’t for Favre’s high school football team marching its way to state, is more evidence that the Packers must honor the legendary quarterback at a game in September.

Even though there has been much turmoil since Favre decided to toy with the Packers and sign with the Minnesota Vikings in 2009, all is forgiven to those who wait. The only way the fans could officially move on was if Aaron Rodgers, the crowned leader of the Pack, made some sort of public gesture that all was well between his predecessor and him. That occurred at the 2013 NFL Honors when Favre and he took the stage together. The two clearly looked to be having a good time, which further backs up the claim that the entire ordeal is water under the bridge.

It doesn’t really matter if was the passing of time or a Super Bowl XLV victory that made fans forgive Favre. All that matters is that there is forgiveness on the part of everyone. Favre has no ill feelings towards the Packers. Meanwhile, Packers CEO Mark Murphy has consistently stated that the organization is waiting on pins and needles for Favre to agree to a ceremony that will properly honor the greatest player to ever step foot in Titletown, USA.

As a diehard Packers fan, I personally can’t wait for the moment when Favre takes the field and he’s engulfed in deafening cheers that are emitted from the people he brought joy to for nearly two decades. My hope is to see Favre standing at midfield with his family by his side. Hopefully, Rodgers, Bart Starr and all the other Packers greats are there too. Busting out the red carpet might be asking a lot. However, if Green Bay doesn’t do it for their most beloved son then who will they do it for?

There is no talk, at least none that we know of, that involves the Packers setting a date to honor Favre in 2014. Nonetheless, I would be quite surprised if the gunslinger doesn’t have his jersey retired this year, especially since he’s no longer coaching football and will have no obligation to stand in his way.

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