Dallas Cowboys Undoubtedly Willing to Trade Up or Down in 2014 NFL Draft

By Jeric Griffin
Jerry Jones Cowboys draft
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With the 2014 NFL Draft now less than a month away, the number of rumors, reports and other semi-true/important statements about the Dallas Cowboys’ draft plans is astronomical. Thus, sorting through all of them for anything of substance is growing more and more difficult. The current trending topic regarding America’s Team is its willingness to trade the No. 16 overall pick in the draft, as some are saying trading up is the only possibility the team is considering while others are arguing the opposite. Here’s a safe bet for everyone: Literally anything is possible.

To say the Cowboys will or won’t consider trading up or down at any time in any draft is absurd. This is the Cowboys we’re talking about; Jerry Jones’ itchy trigger finger when it comes to this semi-business-related part of being the general manager is as predictable as the sun coming up each morning. If someone offers him a deal that contains any kind of benefit whatsoever, he’s going to take it. The man’s nickname this time of year is Trader Jerry, for crying out loud.

With that general knowledge in mind, this year’s draft specifically is a perfect one for a Cowboys trade in the first round, just like the last few with that mid-round range, which is the result of mediocrity on the field. Dallas needs a surefire, day one starter defensive lineman with its first pick and if that means a trade up to get one is necessary, then a trade up will happen. If there have been no defensive linemen taken besides Jadeveon Clowney by pick No. 16, you better believe Jerry will be on the phone trying to trade down to improve his later picks while also landing a player he wants a few picks later in the first round.

Yes, it’s possible the Cowboys will take a player who is not a defensive lineman in the first round, but that’s highly unlikely considering how desperately this team needs help on the defensive front. As clueless as Jerry is when it comes to building a winning football team, even he can’t overlook a need this big. Having said that, the signing of Henry Melton could be “shoring up” the defensive line is his mind, so don’t put any money on that.

If the Cowboys had a top-10 pick, then these rumors about them not considering trading down would have some substance, but that’s not the case. With a a very wide open draft board in the first round and a middle-round pick that is very moveable, Dallas is very likely to make a trade and the direction of that deal is just as probable, whether it’s up or down.

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