Reinstaing Rolando McClain Does Not Make Sense for the Baltimore Ravens

By Jermaine Lockett
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I continue to wonder who exactly is pulling the Baltimore Ravens‘s front office strings. I say this because once again poor performance is being rewarded by the organization. First, they extend a contract to Terrance Cody after his dismal four years in Baltimore and now I am just hearing from that the team just reinstated LB Rolando McClain? What on earth is going on in Baltimore?

If I show up late for work, do half of the work and the work that I do is absolutely dismal, I would end up unemployed. The same principal applies to football; only those who put their best foot forward should be given opportunities. Instead, Baltimore is once again rewarding another Alabama player. I get that McClain had to get his life together and not have a focus on football, but when you know you are about to get called in by one of the best organizations in football that is willing to give you a real shot at the NFL again, you hire a trainer and put some time in. There are players chomping at the bit trying to get their foot in the door in Baltimore and he just moseys on in expecting to return to the team and they grant his request. It is a sad day in Baltimore, folks.

John Harbaugh made it very clear, when he had this to say about McClain during the NFL owners meeting according to

“If he’s working his rear end off, then I’m kind of excited about him,” Harbaugh said. “If he’s not, then I’ve got no interest in him being on our team.”

Where is the continuity behind this statement, behind the whole, we like “blue collar” hardworking players stigma that Harbaugh instilled in this team? I just don’t get it. This only teaches players that as long as your alma mater is the same as your GM’s, you are safe.

Here’s to the hardworking LBs in Baltimore who do everything they can to make it to the top of a depth chart, but get ignored. My hat goes off to you Arthur Brown, Josh Bynes, Albert McClellan and D.J. Bryant for the hard work that each of you do every day to get better. I encourage you all to stay on your grind. Hopefully the Ravens will stop playing favorites and see your true worth.

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