Seattle Seahawks Should Consider Trading Up to Draft Mike Evans

By RantSports Staff
Mike Evans nfl draft seahawks
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

What do the defending Super Bowl champions need to do in the offseason? You would think nothing since they just won the Big Game, but obviously every team can improve each year in the NFL Draft. That’s the case with the Seattle Seahawks, who would have to give up a lot to do it, but could make their offense unstoppable by trading up to draft Texas A&M receiver Mike Evans.

With the final pick in the first and second rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft and no pick in the third round, the Seahawks aren’t exactly in a good spot to trade up for a top-10 pick, which would be required to land Evans. However, how valuable are their first- and second-picks (and likely first- or second-rounder in 2015) compared to getting a player like Evans? That’s the million-dollar question; actually it’s worth several million dollars.

The Seahawks have a defense that is unrivaled as the absolute best in the NFL and although they lost a little depth this offseason via free agency, they added some key players as well. Thus, they can afford to sacrifice a few picks to bring in Evans, who would end the remaining doubt in Seattle’s passing game, which was efficient but certainly not dominant in 2013.

During their Super Bowl run, the Seahawks relied on a pounding running game and a stifling defense, which is the unquestioned best formula for winning a title in the NFL. Having said that, why would a team that is so solid not try to improve itself by adding a player like Evans, who would not only make their passing game more prolific, but would also open up their running game by forcing opposing defenses to be more honest?

Do the Seahawks really need Evans to repeat at champs? No, but what if Marshawn Lynch gets hurt? Then having a passing game that isn’t reliant on Doug Baldwin as its top threat wouldn’t be just a luxury; it would be a necessity. Sure, Seattle also has Percy Harvin, but he can only be counted on to play about eight games each season.

Even though Sidney Rice re-signed, Seattle still doesn’t have a dominant, possession receiver who can make game-changing plays anywhere on the field, especially in the red zone. With that added dynamic to their offense, the Seahawks could be a threat to go 19-0 this year. Their opponents will undoubtedly stack the box to try and slow Lynch down, so why not take that option away by putting Evans out wide?

Look, the Seahawks can’t really lose in this year’s draft because they can afford to take risks as they’re stacked on both sides of the ball. Thus, making a big splash like a trade up for Evans would send a message to other teams like the Denver Broncos that are trying to improve this offseason: Seattle isn’t just sitting tight; it’s gunning for a second straight ring.

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