Michael Vick Should Be New York Jets' Starting QB Without Question

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Make no mistake about it; Michael Vick should easily beat out Geno Smith to be the starting quarterback come next season. The main reason the New York Jets even entertained the idea of bringing Vick into their organization was to alleviate the weight of the world off the shoulders of Smith. The general idea was to literally give Smith a year or so out of the starting spotlight so he can learn off the bench. He could get some much-needed advice from Vick which will allow him to develop with a clipboard instead of throwing interceptions.

In one of his first interviews in the New York sports market, newly acquired running back Chris Johnson gave some insight into what the Jets plan to do around this quarterback competition. Basically like many other positional battles, both Vick and Smith will battle it out in training camp to determine the best player to handle the job. While Vick did admit upon signing his contract that he would be competing for the starting job, to think Smith would actually beat out Vick is ludicrous.

Obviously, Vick has much more experience and success as a starter than Smith has seen in his career so far. Smith has much to learn and won’t be able to grasp new fundamentals and knowledge by starting and having Vick wasting away on the sidelines. Even though Smith joined a quarterback offseason program specifically designed to improve his mechanics and mental aspect of his game, he’s better suited to do his best in training camp and prepare for a backup role.

The greatest quarterbacks playing today all learned from a veteran and absolutely flourished because of that time off the field and on the bench studying. Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t be the player he is today if it wasn’t for Brett Favre. Steve Young was a scrambling offensive playmaker because he studied under Joe Montana. Even Tom Brady wouldn’t be as prolific as he is if it wasn’t for the backup role he endured under Drew Bledsoe.

In the end, Vick should easily beat out Smith which will allow Smith to improve under Vick so that in a year or so, he’ll be able to have a successful quarterback career. Perhaps one day we’ll all speak about how the time Smith spent learning the game from Vick truly helped in his development at a ticker-tape parade.

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