Oakland Raiders: Terrelle Pryor Era Will be Over on Monday

By Kevin Saito
Drew Hallowell/ Contributor
Drew Hallowell/ Contributor

In news that’s not going to shock anybody, the Terrelle Pryor era with the Oakland Raiders is coming to an end. According to Alex Marvez of Fox Sports, the Raiders plan to cut Pryor by the close of business Monday if they’ve not been able to find a trading partner for the quarterback.

Pryor is a tremendous athlete who is lightning fast and can make some amazing plays with his legs. But when he’s needed to make plays with his arms — something that’s sort of vital to being an NFL quarterback — he’s come up short. With nine starts and eleven appearances overall in 2013, Pryor completed 57.4 percent of his passes for 1,798 yards to go along with eleven interceptions, just seven touchdowns, and an underwhelming QB rating of 69.1. It’s not overly surprising that the trade market for Pryor has been relatively cool. Couple that with the fact that the Raiders have already tapped Matt Schaub to be the starter, announced that Matt McGloin is his understudy, are likely to add a QB somewhere in the draft, and haven’t been shy when it comes to talking about sending Pryor packing, it’s not surprising that teams aren’t beating down the doors right now. Why trade away a valuable commodity like a draft pick when they can snag Pryor once he’s cut?

Still, the one thing Pryor has going for him is his pure athleticism. Given the right system, and the time to develop, it is possible that Pryor could develop into a serviceable quarterback in the league. He perhaps may never reach elite status, but he might be a decent stopgap measure. But the system has to be right for him to flourish, and as of now, the Raiders do not have that sort of system in place. But a team like the Carolina Panthers do. So do the Washington Redskins. The Seattle Seahawks might also do well to have him as an understudy to Russell Wilson. Pryor would also probably be a great fit with Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles offense. Those are teams with systems in place to support running, mobile quarterbacks and ostensibly, they are the right sort of systems that would allow Pryor to develop. He’s just a bad fit for Oakland as the team is currently constructed.

Another possible selling point is that he can also be had for a song right now. His contract calls for him to make $750,000 this season, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that a team might be willing to trade a seventh round pick just so they don’t have to pay more for him once he’s cut and hits the open market where he will likely demand more money.

Pryor has been a lightning rod of controversy that has fractured the Raiders fan base. It seems that half of the Raider Nation loves Pryor, thinks he’s getting a raw deal, and that he’s the franchise quarterback the Raiders have been looking for. The other half, though, doesn’t believe that Pryor is anything close to starting quarterback material and doesn’t want to see him under center for the Raiders again. The Pryor situation is one that has stirred passions, and has been divisive as charges of racial discrimination have been flung about carelessly. But if  Marvez is correct, it’s a saga that will thankfully be coming to an end by Monday.


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