New York Jets: Geno Smith Rightly Confident He'll Start, But Michael Vick Is Waiting

By Andrew Fisher
Geno Smith
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets were not good on offense last season. There’s really no other way to put it. QB Geno Smith was average-at-best overall, and even played poorly at times.

To be fair, the rookie was basically thrown to the wolves in his inaugural NFL season. With Mark Sanchez‘s shoulder injury he became the team’s signal-caller whether he was ready or not. All in all, Jets fans can’t be too upset. Smith led the team to an 8-8 record, which was a place no one thought they’d get to prior to the season.

Now heading into the 2014 season, a quarterback controversy is once again a real possibility in New York. Michael Vick has signed on to be the team’s backup, but Smith knows he’s in for a competition:

“It’s going to come down to production on the field. I just believe that, with the experience I’ve gained, and with the direction we were heading in as an offense and where I see myself as a second-year player. I just feel I’m more than capable of being a starter.

I respect what Mike said, but I understand there’s a competition. It comes down to what we do on the field…I look forward to competing against a guy like Mike because he himself has been a starter and is still capable at the age he is. He still runs fast. He stills throws accurately, with great velocity. And he’s a very, very smart quarterback, in my opinion.”

So yes, Smith is confident. But at the same time, it sounds like he’s already looking over his shoulder a bit. In my book, there’s nothing wrong with that, because it means he’s is realistic. As long as he still has the competitive drive to be the starting QB, that’s what really matters.

It’s his job to lose. Right now there’s the possibility for a controversy, but best case scenario there’s no controversy at all. However, we all know that once he struggles for an extended period time, fans are going to start screaming for Vick. That’s just how things work in the NFL.

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