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San Francisco 49ers Reveal First Look at Levi’s Stadium

San Francisco 49ers

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The San Francisco 49ers are set to begin play at a new stadium this season for the first time since 1970. Candlestick Park is now a thing of the past for the storied franchise, but the future looks very bright with Levi’s Stadium.

On Monday the 49ers tweeted out the first look at their new playing field:

I think I speak for many of us when I say, that’s pretty neat-looking.

Levi’s Stadium will be ready to kickoff the 2014 season and will be the most high-tech stadium in all the NFL. It’s said that the stadium is equipped with enough green technology to create the energy used by all eight of the team’s home games. The stadium won’t run off it’s own energy, but it will be able to make up for it, so to speak.

The seating capacity at LS (68,500) is listed at slightly less than Candlestick’s (69,733). However, LS is expandable to 75,000 for special events.

Speaking of special events, LS already has two mega-events lined up. It will host WrestleMania 31 next March and Super Bowl L in February of 2016. In this country, it doesn’t get much bigger in the ‘live events’ department.

WM 31 figures to set the stadium’s attendance record, mainly because WWE can squeeze more people into a stadium than the NFL can. A 20 x 20 ring is much more user friendly when it comes to cramming people into a tight space…

The future is bright for the 49ers and it would really be something if they played in SB 50.