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Cam Newton Should Be Better Than Ever In 2014 After Ankle Surgery

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Cam Newton

Brace Hemmelgarn – USA TODAY Sports

Some Carolina Panthers fans were shocked a few weeks back by the news that Cam Newton needed ankle surgery. Newton, however, was not shocked at all. It was later revealed that he’d been dealing with a bad ankle for quite some time.

Now, he says he’s on a ‘rapid recovery pace and there seems to be little doubt that he’ll be ready to start the season like normal.

Here’s a recent quote from the Panthers QB on his injured ankle and subsequent recovery:

“It wasn’t 100 percent for a long time. It was a lot of conversation on my part where I really didn’t know what 100 percent felt like. I was just dealing with the pain without any other anti-inflammatory, no pain killer or anything. I was just going out there and playing. It’s scary to know there will be a significant difference moving forward, but it’s not going to happen by itself.

I’m trying to throw as soon as possible. I can give no date. The stint was four months. I know I will be back walking by then, but as far as being 100 percent functional, who knows. I’m trying to do everything I can from rehabilitation and go everything I can over and beyond just so I can get back.”

So if Newton does get back to truly 100 percent this season, is it possible that he’ll be better than ever? After all, he’s been playing on a bad ankle for years now.

If the Panthers hadn’t completely broken up their wide receiving corps from last year, I’d certainly buy another career year for Newton. I’m still going to buy that he’ll be more explosive and make more crazy plays with his feet, but it’s hard to buy him and the Panthers getting back to where they were a season ago.

It’s scary to think we’ve been watching a less than 100 percent Newton over his entire NFL career. Although that means he should be better than ever in 2014, and he very well may be, I just don’t see the group of receivers around him helping much.

We’ll have to see what Carolina does in the upcoming draft, but right now, it appears they’ll be leaning more heavily than ever on No. 1 to carry the load.

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