Jacksonville Jaguars Schedule 2014: First Four Games Could Make or Break Season

By Cian Lynch
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The Jacksonville Jaguars are seeking their first winning season since 2007 and their schedule this year gives them a strong chance to achieve this goal. The Jaguars face a tough four game stretch to begin their season by facing three teams who made last year’s playoffs and three of these first four games are also on the road. However, if the Jaguars are able to win at least two of those games, a winning season will become a very realistic goal.

Here’s the Jaguars’ full 2014 schedule:

Week 1: @ Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, Sept. 7 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 2: @ Washington Redskins, Sunday, Sept. 14 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 3: vs. Indianapolis Colts, Sunday, Sept. 21 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 4: @ San Diego Chargers, Sunday, Sept. 28 @ 4:05 Easten
Week 5: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, Oct. 5 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 6: @ Tennessee Titans, Sunday, Oct. 12 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 7: vs. Cleveland Browns, Sunday, Oct. 19 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 8: vs. Miami Dolphins, Sunday, Oct. 26 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 9: @ Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Nov. 2 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 10: vs. Dallas Cowboys, Sunday, Nov. 9 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 11: BYE
Week 12: @ Indianapolis Colts, Sunday, Nov. 23 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 13: vs. New York Giants, Sunday, Nov. 30 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 14: vs. Houston Texans, Sunday, Dec. 7 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 15: @ Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, Dec. 14 @ 1pm Eastern
Week 16: vs. Tennessee Titans, Thursday, Dec. 18 @ 8:25 Eastern
Week 17: @ Houston Texans, Sunday, Dec. 28 @ 1pm Eastern Time

The Jaguars began last NFL season with eight straight losses, so starting out this year’s schedule with four difficult games definitely scares the organization and its fans. These first four games are the most important part of their season because another 0-4 start, which is possible, would crush the team’s morale by bringing back nightmares from last season. The coaching staff will be ecstatic if they can win just two of those games, especially because three of them are on the road. Winning two of these games could launch this team to their first winning season in 7 years.

After the team is battled-tested to start the season, the Jaguars face a relieving and easy final 12 games. Only two of their final 12 opponents made the playoffs last year and the Jaguars will need to capitalize on that. Despite the Jaguars’ tough beginning schedule, their 2014 strength of schedule ranks 29th in the league, based on 2013 records.

This gives the Jaguars a strong chance to make next years playoffs. The Jaguars play three games against division opponents in their final four games which will most likely decide who wins 2nd place in the AFC South, behind the Colts, and this will play a major role in deciding if the Jaguars can win a Wild Card spot.

After coming off a 4-12 season, performing well in the Jaguar’s first four games will show the NFL that their team is legitimate and it will give the team a great chance to make the 2014 playoffs. The Jaguar’s overall schedule is easy so if this team has improved, they have a great shot at winning an AFC Wild Card spot in 2014.

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