Johnny Manziel To Dallas Cowboys Is Terrible Short-Term Idea

By Andrew Fisher

With the 2014 NFL Draft just two short weeks away, there’s no telling what kind of rumors you’ll see across the internet regarding your favorite team. When it comes to America’s team, there’s one particular rumor that’s picking up steam — Johnny Manziel to the Dallas Cowboys at No. 16.

There’s a growing belief that if he’s available, Jerry Jones just might just pull the trigger.

I get it. Johnny Football staying in Texas would be awesome. Especially if he stayed in his home state to QB the NFL’s most popular team.

Big picture and long-term, Johnny Cowboy makes a lot of sense. In the short-term, not so much.

The best way I’ve heard it put so far is that once Tony Romo throws one interception, people across the country will be yelling for him to be benched. You know that’d be the case.

Could Romo be a great mentor for Manziel? Yes. Would Manziel be a great face for the Cowboys? Absolutely. Is Manziel willing to sit and wait patiently behind Romo? Probably not.

It seems clear to me that John Football wants to come in and make a splash right away in the NFL. If he doesn’t get that opportunity, the odds are that his attitude will sour. That’s the last thing that can happen to him. We know he’s got the physical tools and intangibles to be a success at the pro level, but we don’t know how his attitude will hold up.

I just don’t buy Manziel to the Cowboys. He’s a pick that makes sense for them on certain levels, but in the short-term, it’s just hard to see him, Romo, the Cowboys and their fans all being on the same page.

But with all that being said, anything is possible on draft day with Jerry running the show.

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