New York Jets Should Move on From Mike Goodson

By Greg Sulik
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Mike Goodson was the New York Jets’ biggest free agent signing of last offseason, as John Idzik looked to add a speed back to the team’s backfield. Goodson signed a relatively modest 3-year, $6.9 million contract, and he was expected to bring the receiving skills and explosive plays the Jets’ have lacked from the running back position. Unfortunately, things have not worked out so far.

Goodson was arrested shortly after signing with the Jets on drug and weapons charges regarding the presence of marijuana, a loaded .45 caliber handgun, and illegal hollow point bullets in the car he was a passenger in. Goodson was suspended by the NFL for four games because of the marijuana, and he was indicted on the weapons charge last fall. The case has yet to be resolved, and Goodson faces a 3-10 year prison sentence if he is convicted of possession of the firearm and the bullets.

On the field, Goodson lasted just over one game with the Jets before tearing his ACL and missing the remainder of the season. He recorded 7 carries for 61 yards and 2 receptions for 19 yards in his brief time on the field, which is obviously far from the return on investment the Jets had in mind.

The recent addition of Chris Johnson could spell the end of Goodson’s time in New York, as Johnson brings the same speed and receiving element to the third down back role that Goodson was supposed to provide. The Jets have been trying to rebuild their public image, and having a player like Goodson on the roster does nothing to further that goal. Finally, not that they need it, but releasing Goodson saves the Jets about $1 million in cap space this season.

All in all, it simply makes no sense for the Jets to hang onto Goodson. The signing was a good idea at the time, and there was no way to predict he would get hurt. However, when you add in the signing of Johnson, and more importantly, the off field issues, and there is no reason for the Jets to retain Goodson. Idzik is probably not fond of cutting his first big free agent signing a year after making it, but it is the right thing to do. Look for this move to happen in the near future, because Goodson no longer fits with the Jets.

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