Tennessee Titans Schedule 2014: A Winter To Remember

By De'Jonne Johnson
2014 NFL Schedule Tennessee Titans
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With a quick turnaround, the Tennessee Titans will look to make a splash this season. Unlike previous regimes, Ken Whisenhunt and his staff have established a team goal rather than just a division title — a serious Super Bowl run. Here is a look at the team’s 2014 regular season schedule:

Week: 1 Sept. 7 1:00 PM ET :@ Kansas City Chiefs

Week: 2 Sept. 14 1:00 PM ET: VS Dallas Cowboys

Week: 3 Sept. 21 1:00 PM ET: @ Cincinnati Bengals

Week: 4 Sept. 28 1:00 PM ET: @ Indianapolis Colts

Week: 5 Oct. 5 1:00 PM ET: VS Cleveland Browns

Week: 6 Oct. 12 1:00 PM ET: VS Jacksonville Jaguars

Week: 7 Oct. 19 1:00 PM ET: @ Washington Redskins

Week: 8 Oct. 26 1:00 PM ET: VS Houston Texans

Week: 9 BYE

Week: 10 Nov. 9 1:00 PM ET: @ Baltimore Ravens

Week: 11 Nov. 17 8:30 PM ET: VS Pittsburgh Steelers (Monday Night)

Week: 12 Nov. 23 1:00 PM ET: @ Philadelphia Eagles

Week: 13 Nov. 30 1:00 PM ET  @ Houston Texans

Week: 14 Dec. 7 1:00 PM ET  VS New York Giants

Week: 15 Dec. 14 4:05 PM ET VS New York Jets

Week: 16 Dec. 18 8:25 PM ET @ Jacksonville Jaguars (Thursday Night)

Week: 17 Dec. 28 1:00 PM ET VS Indianapolis Colts

The schedule looks to have a brutal ending stretch as the Titans come off their bye week facing the Ravens, Steelers and Eagles. If the playoffs are the goal, their best shot will be with a strong start as they open at Kansas City and return home against the Cowboys. Some very winnable match-ups against the Browns, Jaguars and Redskins lead to a big meeting at home against the Texans before they enter the bye.

A strong start followed by some big match-ups in the winter all lead to a season conclusion against the Indianapolis Colts in a game with potential playoff implications.

If Whisenhunt and his staff can get the team going, this should lead to a very fun season.

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