Atlanta Falcons Should Not Trade Up For Jadeveon Clowney; Look at Redskins

By Andrew Fisher
Jadeveon Clowney
Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons are interested in Jadeveon Clowney. But who isnt?

Sitting at No. 6 in the first round they just don’t have a realistic shot of landing the star DE. However, there are some folks who feel the Falcons might be willing to trade up and pay the hefty price for the top spot.

What would it cost them?

If any team has the ammunition to move up, it’s the Falcons. With two picks in the first 37 spots and 10 picks overall they can move around all over the board. But it’s the No.1 pick next year that really spoils the deal to me.

Dealing away future first round picks is serious business. You better be dang sure that whoever you’re trading up for is THE guy.

Many claim Clowney is going to be the man and that he’s a once in a generation type of player. But with concerns over his attitude and heart, it’s really tough to justify all it would take to trade up and get him.

The Falcons are best served to stand pat at No. 6 and then if they really want to trade back up into the first around — they can.

All you have to do is look at the Washington Redskins. Robert Griffin III has been good for the franchise, but the Redskins are still paying for him this year with the second overall pick. You can easily argue that Kirk Cousins would have gotten the team to the exact same position it’s in right now.

Trading up for the No. 1 pick is overrated.

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