San Francisco 49ers Rumors: Team Trading Up For Mike Evans?

By Andrew Fisher
Mike Evans
Getty Images

With 11 draft picks at their disposal, many believe it’s just a matter of where the San Francisco 49ers trade up to in the 2014 NFL Draft. For a team that’s been this close to winning a championship over the past three seasons, trading up makes a ton of sense. The Niners are just a piece or two away from the mountain top and anything is possible on draft day.

The best rumor going around is San Fran trading up to get Mike Evans. He’s considered the second best WR prospect this year and many point to his size (6-5, 231) as the reason why the 49ers could/should want him.

Playing in the NFC West against the Seattle Seahawks, the Niners could definitely stand to get bigger at wide out. Taking on the Legion of Boom is the most difficult offensive task in the NFL right now, so there’s really something to be said for getting bigger and more physical in your receiving corps.

With many prospects you have to ask if they’ll ‘be a fit’ in a particular system. But with a guy like Evans, you can throw those questions out the window. He’s going to be a beast wherever he plays and no matter what system he’s in. (Playing alongside Anquan Boldin wouldn’t hurt him either.)

Just how many of their selections the 49ers are willing to part with remains to be seen. Evans is easily worth two, maybe even three picks. Either way, he’s a luxury San Fran can afford.

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