NFC East: Which Offense Should Be Most Feared In 2014?

By Jeff Smith
DeSean Jackson
Bruce Kluckhohn- USA TODAY Sports

To put it nicely, the NFC East isn’t exactly going to be feared for their defensive play. With that being said, let’s just go ahead and put the defenses aside for a second and take a look purely at the offense in the NFC East. Realistically, most people are probably focused in on the offensive juggernauts that we can find on teams like the Philadelphia EaglesWashington RedskinsDallas Cowboys and even the New York Giants for that matter anyways, right?

The NFC East has simply been known as an “offensive division” for the last few seasons, and a large part of that is just because of how bad the defenses have been. If you don’t believe me, check the stats from last season. The Redskins, Cowboys, Giants and Eagles, in that order, were all ranked in the bottom half of the NFL last year in total points allowed.

So, let’s go ahead and just ignore defense for now, and talk about which offense we should fear the most in 2014. The immediate answer for most is likely going to be the Eagles or the Redskins, for obvious reasons, but not so fast.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have Chip Kelly, as well as their young quarterback in Nick Foles, who showed a ton of promise in 2013. They also get Jeremy Maclin back from injury, but let’s not forget that they lost DeSean Jackson, who really was the player who opened the field up for everything. For me, the most important player on the Eagles is LeSean McCoy, and it always will be. McCoy’s job did get a whole lot tougher after Jackson left town though.

I’m taking the highly touted Eagles out of the mix as the most feared offense, and ranking them third in the division.

Washington Redskins

Speaking of Mr. Jackson, welcome to Washington! The Redskins fans nearly lost their minds with excitement when Jackson chose to come to Washington. I think the rest of the NFC East fans lost their minds as well, because it’s just another headache to deal with (in a good way for Redskins fans that is). If Pierre Garcon can stay healthy, and Alfred Morris continues to run how he has, this offense will be downright scary.

Then why am I not choosing the Skins as the most feared offense in the NFC East? The question mark around Robert Griffin III. I absolutely loved RGIII’s game in his rookie season. I mean I loved it to the point where I just watched Redskins games to see what he’d do next. But what do we expect from him this season? Is the knee 100 percent? And if it is, can he avoid taking those big hits and the potential for injury himself?

I don’t like the question marks surrounding RGIII, and while I think the Redskins will be a top 10 offense, I’m ranking them second in the NFC East.

New York Giants

Not enough weapons, still not a consistent sure thing at running back, and Eli Manning coming off of his worst season ever. I’ll pass.

Dallas Cowboys

Oh no. I can hear the moans and groans from the Cowboy haters out there already. Unfortunately, this is the most offensively talented team in the NFC East. Now, please note that I’m not saying this team is going to win the NFC East. I saw their defense last year, and I know what I’m getting myself into with that.

Tony Romo is back and ready to go for starters, and his new favorite target in Dez Bryant is turning into an absolute terror for defenses. Put that in with the sure-handed Jason Witten, and whichever wide receiver that they draft (because they will draft one), as well as the fact that Scott Linehan is calling plays, and it’s going to be scary. This pass game is going to be nearly impossible to stop.

Now, before I get too excited about the pass game, let’s not forget about DeMarco Murray. Murray made the Pro Bowl last season and topped 1,100 yards while playing in only 14 games. He’s playing for a contract this year, which makes him even scarier.

With all of that being said, yes, I am taking the Cowboys as the scariest offense in the NFC East for the 2014 season.

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