Johnny Manziel Update: How Realistic is Manziel to the Dallas Cowboys?

By Jeff Smith
Johnny Manziel
Daniel Shirey- USA TODAY Sports

Can you imagine it? The picks are going by (slowly, as they always do in the first round), and we’re passed the New York Giants at No. 12, the St. Louis Rams at No. 13, the Chicago Bears at No. 14, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the clock at No. 15. We all know that the Steelers aren’t going to draft a quarterback, so they either trade the pick and someone else drafts the most talked about quarterback in the NFL Draft, or he falls to No. 16 to the Dallas Cowboys. If the NFL Draft were to actually go this way, and Johnny Manziel fell to the Cowboys at the 16th pick, probably 95 percent of Cowboys fans would be losing their minds at this point. Whether you love Tony Romo, or think that the Cowboys need to send him out of town, adding Manziel would add hype and attention unlike anything we’ve seen in Dallas in quite a while. When the Cowboys moved up to draft Dez Bryant in the 2010 NFL Draft, the fanbase absolutely loved it, and it paid off. The Cowboys have so many needs aside from finding their quarterback of the future right now, especially since they just recently signed Romo to a contract extension. With that being said though, how do they pass on Manziel at 16 if he falls? The answer is that they don’t. So, how realistic is it that Manziel ends up in Dallas? That’s tough to tell, because it depends on how the draft goes, but if he falls past the Minnesota Vikings at No. 8, then I would say the chances go from about 15% u percent to about 60 percent, or even higher. Jerry Jones‘ eyes would be as big as the massive video board hanging from the top of AT&T Stadium. The reason why this really has such a chance of happening is simply because of the money and the potential of Manziel. If the Cowboys drafted Manziel, there would immediately be jerseys flying off of the shelves, and the Cowboys would be the most talked about team in the NFL leading up to the season. This is all exactly what Jones wants. He wants the hype, the attention and the headlines on all of the major sports channels. The question would be though, what do the Cowboys do with their quarterback situation if they drafted Manziel? Do they trade Romo? Do they sit Manziel for a year or two? One thing that I think is pretty safe to say is that after the first interception from Romo in 2014, fans would be calling for Manziel, and that obviously wouldn’t be a fun spot for the coaching staff. Jeff Smith is a Dallas Cowboys writer for RantSports.comFollow him on Twitter @JSM8ith, “Like” him on Facebook or add him to your network on Google.

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