San Francisco 49ers Fan Offers Pathetic Sob Story, Sues NFL for $50 Million

By David Atlas
49ers Fan
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The Seattle Seahawks and their fanbase are extremely proud of their home field advantage. CenturyLink Field in Seattle is one of the toughest places to play in all of the NFL thanks to a ruckus atmosphere created by the Seattle faithful. It’s so difficult to win in Seattle due, in-part to the crowd, that people have nicknamed the Seattle crowd the “12th man”.

Seattle values their fanbase and home field advantage so much so that the Seahawks restricted who was able to purchase tickets to watch the Seahawks play the San Fransisco 49ers and by doing so they’ve pissed off one 49ers fan. When I say pissed off, I mean he’s really pissed off – he’s suing the NFL for $50 million.

John E. Williams III is a Nevada resident and wasn’t able to purchase tickets due to the fact that the Seahawks restricted ticket sales to those that had credit card billing addresses in either Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. Williams III is suing because ”the practice of withholding the sale of tickets from the public at large and allowing only credit card holders limited to certain areas is a violation of the Federal Consumer Fraud Act and/or common law,” according to the lawsuit filed on April 15th.

While Williams III doesn’t seem completely out of his mind when it comes to why he’s suing for the amount of money that he’s trying to get ($10 million for punitive damages and $40 million for real damages), he is completely unjustifiable in my opinion. Then Williams III whined to the Associated Press and accuses the Seahawks of fixing the game.

”They’re always boasting up there about their 12th player and everything else,” Williams told The Associated Press on Friday. ”But by allowing the NFL to decide who can or cannot attend the games, you make it an unfair game. Seattle fixed it.”

Finishing atop the conference gives you the right to play in front of your hometown crowd throughout the playoffs and a lot of weight is given to which team is at home. This is part of the reason why teams that play at home tend to do better than when they play on the road. Seattle trying to capitalize on their home-field advantage to their benefit is by no means “fixing” the game.

Back to why Williams III believes he deserves nearly ten times the dough that his beloved quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, makes over four years.

As a result of not being able to attend the game, he said, he suffered ”economic discrimination and violation of public accommodation solely” because his credit card was not issued in the restrictive states or Canada – ”which is not even part of the United States.”

”This selected process is contrary to the spirit of the NFL and contrary to public accommodation,” Williams explained.

But this is where John E. Williams III loses all credibility in my eyes.

Williams claims that he had his heart set on attending the NFC Championship Game in Seattle if the 49ers beat the Carolina Panthers which they did. Williams was going to attend the game with his roommate, his girlfriend who lives in Canada and her daughter he said.

Get a grip man. If Williams wanted tickets that badly he could have asked his girlfriend (who lives in Canada, where there were no restrictions on buying tickets) to put the tickets on her credit card and he could have given her the money for the tickets when they attended the game in Seattle together like he says he wanted to do.

That’s right, his girlfriend lives in Canada but instead of asking her to use her credit card to purchase the tickets to watch his favorite team play he has decided to sue the NFL and the Seahawks for a combined $50 million. Oh please.

I’m not buying his sob story and neither should you.

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