Troy Vincent's Idea of Developmental League Would Help NFL

By Tylor Walden
Troy Vincent
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has changed a lot in the last few years in order to keep up with safety and the excitement of the game. Some more ideas might be on the way.

Director of Football Operations Troy Vincent, who formally played safety in the league, has brought about some new ideas to help the NFL. One of those ideas is creating a developmental league for players. This would be similar to the AHL in the NHL and the minors in MLB. Having such a league which can help players develop their skills and further prove that they can play with the best  would actually be a smart idea.

This has been tested before with the NFL Europe league before it folded in 2007. That league brought about some great players like Kurt Warner and Jake Delhomme. Having a developmental league would be a great idea, and it would have a positive impact on some of the players now. The league itself could be seen in many ways. It would be used for players who were just drafted by a team to allow them to earn a spot on the roster by developing in the minor league of football. Players could also be sent down to the developmental league if they have been struggling and help them get back to form.

Imagine how much that would help. Players like Tim Tebow, who are decent players but need a little bit more work, can enter the NFL Development League, fine tune some of the quarterback skills and play in a few games to get a feel so that they could be a better player.

I think this is a great idea Vincent has come up with. It has worked in the past with the Europe league, so why not start it up again and see what happens? It could really help the players and the league as a whole. Having this platform to develop talent in the NFL would be ideal in the long run for all the parties involved.

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