2014 NFL Draft: 4 Prospects the Dallas Cowboys Would Love to Add

By Jeff Smith
Brandin Cooks
Russell Isabella- USA TODAY Sports

I will start this off by stating that this article will NOT include Johnny Manziel due to the fact that I’m going to look at the prospects who are the “plug-and-play” options that the Dallas Cowboys would love to bring into Jerry’s World. Although it’s always fun talking about Manziel to the Cowboys, it’s a complete unknown if that happens or not, so let’s look at some prospects who could really help this Cowboys team immediately.

Aaron Donald has seen his stock absolutely shoot through the roof since anything with the words “pre-draft” on it started. Donald looks to be a complete player, and he fully makes up for any lack of size that some have seen with the ability to just use his strength. The Cowboys would love to have Donald, and I think if he falls to No. 16 there’s no way they pass on him.

The issue is there are quite a few teams above the Boys who really need a player like Donald, and I can’t see him making it past the Chicago Bears if he even falls that far.

I’ve heard a few people say that Kony Ealy is a bit raw, but for me that simply makes him even scarier. If Ealy looks as good as he has and he still has a ton of upside, then I want this guy on my team. Losing DeMarcus Ware is obviously painful for Cowboys fans, but getting someone like Ealy who can really get to the quarterback would be a beautiful addition.

Ealy is very likely to fall to the Cowboys at 16. I think he’s going to be an intriguing prospect and one of the most likely players who they could take at that spot, if they end up keeping their pick and not trading up or trading down.

I know that it’s pretty unlikely that the Cowboys end up taking offense in the first round. With that being said, if there’s a player outside of the top two wide receivers in Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans who can get their attention, then it’s Brandin Cooks. Cooks essentially has anything and everything that you could really want in an NFL receiver, and pairing him up with guys like Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and Terrance Williams is really scary to think about for opposing defenses.

Cooks’ stock has shot up recently, and there are MANY teams right after the Cowboys in the draft that could use his talents. This includes teams like the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs and Carolina Panthers just to name a few. Any of those could trade up to take him, but he’d be a great fit in Dallas.

If you want a potential playmaker at the safety position in this year’s draft, then look no further than Jimmie Ward. There’s actually a chance that Ward goes somewhere in the second round, so the Cowboys could possibly end up landing one of the players above in the first and then Ward in the second.

I strongly believe that Ward has flown under the radar a good bit until this point, but he’s starting to pick up steam. Where he ends up being projected when the draft actually gets here is unknown, but he’d be an excellent fit in Dallas and would immediately fill a need for the Cowboys.

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