Dallas Cowboys' Offensive Scheme May Depend on Gavin Escobar

By Matt Banks
Gavin Escobar
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If fans were asked to name their top offensive threats for the Dallas Cowboys it may take them awhile before they mention Gavin Escobar‘s name. The way he performs early on may shape the entire Dallas Cowboys’ offense.

Many thought the Cowboys might use a lot of two tight end sets last year with two pass catching options. It never really materialized as Escobar only played 206 snaps, while recording only nine receptions and two touchdowns.

If the Cowboys do not go after a wide receiver in the early rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft I think that tells us all we need to know about the their offensive scheme before any games are played.

No moves would leave the Cowboys with Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Dwayne Harris, and Cole Beasley. Escobar would have to be more involved in the passing game. If this is the case I have no problem with that. The offense would have another option in the in the middle of the field to help free up Jason Witten. He would likely be asked to beat a safety in man coverage or find holes in zone coverage for easy completions.

This would leave wide receivers young and unproven. Dez is the freak on the field. He helps every receiver on the field by commanding double teams. Fans saw an encouraging glimpse Terrance Williams flourishing last year as he exploited his one on one opportunities. I think the Cowboys want to depend on Williams, but who knows if he can be consistent?

Dwayne Harris is an excellent kick and punter returner and has proven to have some good hands when inserted into the offense. Beasley causes havoc in the slot, but his small frame puts him at risk for injury.

If Escobar can prove to be a consistent contributor, Harris and Beasley would likely remain in their usual roles. If he proves to be less than advertised then the Cowboys might find themselves searching for another answer via free agency.

There is no doubt someone will need to step up in the passing game after Miles Austin was cut last month.

If Dallas didn’t have thoughts of forming a tight end tandem with Witten and Escobar together then why did they spend a second round draft pick on him in 2013? I understand Witten isn’t getting any younger but a successor to his spot could have been scooped up much later.

The biggest tweak in the Cowboys’ offensive just might be Escobar. Whether he can make the most of it is up to him, and only him.

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