Legendary QB Peyton Manning Continues To Be Best Role Model in Professional Sports

By Jack Delaney
Peyton Manning Role Model
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It was difficult for sports fans to hear the racist rant of Donald Sterling over the weekend, but luckily Peyton Manning‘s selfless actions can redeem your faith in humanity.

Even though Manning has recently faced some controversy because of a potential meeting between himself and his offensive coordinator before the Denver Broncos‘ offseason program started, his image still remains untainted. Manning is known for his work ethic and personal philanthropy, and he continues to set the bar higher and higher in personal conduct for every player in the NFL.

After it was found out that the Broncos quarterback reached out to his former boss, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, reporters were obviously interested in what Manning said to the man who was arrested for suspicion of a DUI and drug possession. It is important to note that Irsay took some shots in 2013 at his former quarterback for only winning one Super Bowl, and Irsay entering rehab for his reported drug addiction would be the perfect opportunity for Manning to rub it in and take his own shots at his former boss. Being the classy individual that he is and not wanting to create fodder for the tabloids, Manning simply told reporters that what he said to Irsay was private and personal.

Revenge is a common theme in sports, but this instance showcased a rare view of forgiveness and concern for another person’s well being. Sometimes we just need to turn the other cheek, and Manning wasn’t going to beat someone when they were down. He did that enough with his 55 touchdown passes this past season.

Questions about the Colts owner were brought up because Manning had returned to Indianapolis for his charity event to support the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. It would be easy for the legendary quarterback not to be able to fit this event into his schedule, especially since he no longer plays for the Colts, but he set an example to follow through with your commitments. The hospital is a passion of his, and he will continue to support it no matter where he ends up.

To top everything off, the Denver Post reported that as soon as Manning found out he was going to face the Colts in the first matchup of the season on Sunday Night Football, he went straight to the weight room. Even with all of his awards and accomplishments, he still has one of the best work ethics of anyone in professional sports. Manning fell short of a Super Bowl last year, and he still is trying to figure out ways to improve his game. That kind of attitude should push all of us to always learn and grow.

Even though we saw the ugly side of humanity in one individual this weekend, it is nice to know that there are still people out there who are humble, hardworking and create positive impacts on the lives of others.

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