Madden 15 Trailer Shows Us Latest “Transformation” of Series

By RanterX
Luke Kuechly Madden Trailer

We know you’ve been waiting since you were disappointed by the gameplay and mechanics of last year’s version for the first set of details on Madden 15. Well here it is – our initial glimpse at what the game could offer, presented in a short trailer that really doesn’t give anything away.

Without further ado, the trailer for the next installment of the Madden video game series, featuring linebacker Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to take from this trailer. You’ve got Kuechly sitting in a locker room. He stands up, undergoes some CGI “transformation,” and stares you down like you just talked badly about his mom. It’s definitely an impressive showing of what could be, especially on the new XBOX One or PlayStation 4 systems with updated graphics and whatnot, but I’m more interested in the actual gameplay.

In all honestly, this trailer is a bit disappointing. They showed off some detailed graphics of his face and not much more. I understand the concept of a teaser, but there was no tease. Let’s hope the “transformation” we’re set to get a better look at in June is more enticing than this.

It’s not much, but I’m sure it whet a big chunk of the gaming community’s whistles. Let’s just hope that this year’s version makes some significant upgrades on Madden 25, which left quite a bit to be desired when all was said and done. The real deal is set to hit shelves on August 26.

If you’ve got any thoughts, feel free to share.

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