Michael Vick Gets New Number, Huge Endorsement From LeSean McCoy

By RantSports Staff
Michael Vick
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Michael Vick is set to begin yet another new chapter in his NFL career this season. The veteran QB signed on with the New York Jets, in theory to be the team’s backup. There are just a few issues with that theory.

We all know that it’s only a matter of time before there’s another QB controversy in New York. It’s something that’s happened over the last couple of seasons and it will happen again in 2014. It could be two or three games into the season, it could be two or three quarters into the season — it will happen.

But when it comes to the Jets starting QB next fall, there’s one guy who feels there won’t even be a competition. That guy would be LeSean McCoy, Vick’s former teammate.

“He’s going to be the Jets’ starting QB. He’s way better than Geno Smith. Way better. That’s no contest,” McCoy told the New York Post.

To commemorate this new chapter, Vick has also undergone a wardrobe change in the form of a new number. He’ll now wear No. 8 while Geno Smith will keep No. 7. It’s not a big deal, but it illustrates that he’s truly a team player and that he’s willing to put selfish things aside.

Michael Vick
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To be honest, it’s weird to see Vick in No. 8. After seeing him with the seven for all these years it’s just strange to see a different numeral on his jersey. I’m sure he doesn’t care too much though. Things could be a lot worse.


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