Tim Tebow Deserves Cleveland Browns Tryout More Than Vince Young

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On Monday, Vince Young had a tryout for the Cleveland Browns, along with Tyler Thigpen. This is not only a disgrace to the game, but it turns the already dysfunctional Browns into a complete sideshow. For starters: like it or not, Brian Hoyer has earned the starting role through only just 10 quarters of football, because those 10 quarters provided more hope for a fanbase than the past 14 years put together. Young also does not deserve a tryout with a professional football team when a better player sits on the sidelines doing television work instead of playing football. That player is none other than Tim Tebow.

Tebow is arguably the greatest college football player of all time, but that is besides the point on why he deserves a tryout over Young. Tebow, for all the distractions he brings, not only has a winning record as a starting quarterback in the NFL, but he has also won in the postseason — something that Young hasn’t come close to accomplishing. Tebow brings a dynamic style of play to the table that deserves a chance in the NFL. Tebow brings the brute strength of a linebacker with the speed of a running back and he can throw the football down field! Yes, Tebow has an elongated throwing motion that allows the blitz in, but Tebow has such presence in the pocket that he simply feels the pressure and evades it! Young, with similar attributes in a previous life, has gained so much weight in his years out of football that it’s hard to tell that it’s even still the same player.

Young is well known throughout the league for his work ethic, or lack thereof. Today, Young not only looked incredibly out of shape, but he clearly has lost a wide range of motion on his throwing arm by simply being away from the game for so long. A lot of people knock Tebow for the fact that he is so bulky it diminishes his range of motion, but at least Tebow can still throw the football unlike our friend Vince Young.

Tebow is not going to get another chance in the NFL — we know this. But the fact that Brandon Weeden has a job as a backup in the league and Tebow can’t even get into the training facility is an absolute travesty. Tebow is a proven winner, an incredible leader and will be the hardest worker on your team day in and day out. Are those not traits that we preach for from NFL players? Or would we rather have a player who is such a prima donna that he simply believes that he’s good enough to be an NFL quarterback? Young, if anything, has proven through his irresponsible and erratic actions, on and off the field, that he does not deserve the chance to be even a distraction in an NFL locker room — let alone to try and find the playing field.

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  • Dbom

    Agree…absolute travesty…and completely counter productive for an NFL franchise that wants to sell stuff like tickets, jerseys and TV advertising.

    You know who won’t get you more sales of those things? Tyler Thigpen.

    Makes no sense.

    PS- Blaine Gabbert has a job as an NFL QB. But his presence that won’t get that franchise any additional revenue, any additional buzz or any additional wins…YAY for the NFL….

  • $337172

    I am not a Browns fan, but I would watch them EVERY WEEK if they signed Tim Tebow!

  • Rick Mclaughlin

    If Tebow’s positives outweighed is negatives he would have a decent shot as a third string qb.

    • King_Solomon1


      • Rick Mclaughlin

        I guess all the owners, gm’s, coaches and analysts are ignorant dolts too? If you consider yourself smart, why don’t you take the caps button off?

      • Nick

        And you ma’am are a bigot

    • BiggBear

      As I have said many times, as long as the radical feminists have those in the NFL board rooms by the gonads, Mr. Tebow will not ever play in the NFL. It’s all about feminist politics and thou must not ever speak against abortion.if thou wouldst play on the NFL gridiron. That’s the way it is. I wish it weren’t, but, the evidence keeps piling up. If I’m wrong, then he will get announced after the draft to get a shot somewhere. But, if I’m right…. nothing.

    • Joseph Croasdaile

      Yeah why would the Browns want a guy who doesn’t give the game away to the other team…

      Weeden and Campbell combined ( 13 starts)
      299 total yards per game (good, but at a cost)
      20 TDs
      21 Turnovers (the cost…)

      Tebow at Denver’s numbers in his one semi full season as the starter (13 starts)…
      223 total yards per game
      21 TDs
      13 Turnovers

      Tebow isn’t pretty, but he was restricted by John Fox… btw what happened to the Broncos in the Super Bowl? That was by far worse / embarassing than the beat down Tebow got vs the Pats…

  • Ricardo Lopez

    Tim tebow is way better than some of today’s NFL starters the man should at least be given a chance at least he has made it to playoffs and won a great game in 2011

  • Bill Wallisch

    Yeah….it’s crazy. There are plenty of QBs on rosters that can’t touch Tebow’s leadership, athleticism, or QB technique…Colt McCoy, that Joker from Ohio State…you know…the tattoo guy, on and on. I don’t get it. I’d be willing to guarantee the Browns would win more games this year with Tebow than any other QB they will start this year. It’s actually kind of sad. Some coach needs to grow a pair. And why not? The Browns job is a revolving door anyhow and they suck. Always have. Which is good. I’m from Pittsburgh. Go Steelers!

  • Nick

    Bravo. Tebow is this generations #42

  • Post Corner

    Tebow in Denver: 580 Touches 32 TDs (5.5%) 9 INTs.

    All stats below include passing yards plus rushing. Passing TDs plus rushing TDs.

    2013 Russel Wilson: 503 Touches 26 TDs 9
    2013 Kaep (16 gms): 508 Touches 25 TD 8 INT.
    Weeden 823 touches 23 TDs and 26 INTs
    Joe Flacco 2013: 641 Touches 19 TDs 22 INTs.
    Matt Schaub last 2 yrs. 928 touches 32 TD, 26 INTs.
    Palmer in Arizona 599 touches 24 TDs 22 INTs
    Vick: Last two years (17 starts): 590 touches 20 TDs 13 INTs
    Jay Cutler 2012 15 Games: 667 Touches 3266 Total Yards 19 TDs 14 INT
    Jay Cutler 2013 11 Games: 473 Touches 2739 Total Yards 19 TDs 12 INT
    Vince Young first 30 starts: 21 TDs 30 INTs

    Drew Brees 1st 16 starts: 564 Touches 3414 Total Yds, 18 TDs 16 INTs.
    Warren Moon 1st 2 yrs. 924 Touches 28 TDs 33 INTs
    Steve Young 14 gms 2nd season. Total Yards 2707 13 TD 13 INTs

    Tebow vs. Entire Team passing and rushing offenses:
    2013 Atlanta Falcons QBs & RB had 979 total touches with 37 TDs 17 INTs.
    2013 Seahawks ALL QBs & RBs 856 touches 41 TDs 9 INTs

    2013 Browns: 4 QBs and 9 RBs had a total of 985 touches and accounted for 30 TDs and 20 INTs. 3.0 TD%

    • Joseph Croasdaile

      You should include total turnover numbers since you are including Passing and Rushing TDs… still facts are Tebow scores and protects the ball.

      I looked at Weeden and Campbell combined last year ( 13 starts) vs Tebow in 2011…

      299 total yards per game (good, but at a cost)
      20 TDs
      21 Turnovers (the cost…)

      Tebow at Denver’s numbers in his one semi full season as the starter (13 starts)…
      223 total yards per game
      21 TDs
      13 Turnovers

      I still say Tebow was heavily restricted in what he was allowed to do in 2011… Fox is too conservative / not willing to change. The SB embarrassment showed how the Broncos while look good on the surface have big time issues…

  • Gary Schneider

    I also can not understand why Tim Tebow is not playing. Those that don’t like him say he can’t throw but that is complete hogwash. Hopefully there is something brewing as we speak. Tim’s agent must be working behind the scenes.

    • Romeo Void

      Gary, I hope you’re right. Surely there is a team out there that would at least want to try him out after all the work he has put in the past 8 months. I hate conspiracy theories, but this sure looks like a black list to me. I mean, Colt McCoy is signed to the Redskins over Tebow — who would be the perfect backup to RG3? WTF!?!?!?!?! Where is the sanity in any of this?

      • Joseph Croasdaile

        Tebow is a perfect backup for RG3 or Kap with the 49ers

  • Romeo Void

    The notion that Tim Tebow is not on an NFL team is probably the biggest travesty I have seen in sports — Period! WTF is the NFL thinking???? The man sells tickets, thrills the fans, and lets not forget that he WINS! And before all you Tebow haters are quick to point out that Tim Tebow has also lost some games, let’s not forget that so did Peyton Manning and John Elway — both of whom never made the playoffs their 1st “starting” season. Forget how many QBs currently STARTING in the NFL who have never seen the success Tebow has — and probably NEVER will — but yet they are in the NFL, Tebow is not. Makes absolutely ZERO sense to me, and it’s a loss to football and to the fans.

    Having said that, I still think that Tebow’s NFL story is not over yet. Just when things look their darkest, crazy things happen out of the blue that changes it all in an instant. Just watch Tim Tebow come roaring back into the NFL when we all least expect it…and when that happens…I pity the teams who have to be on the other side. “Tebow Time: The Reboot” will shock and awe.

    • BiggBear

      I pity those who continue to think it’s all because the GM’s, coaches, et al, are convinced he can’t play. It’s about abortion and the radical feminists having the NFL board rooms under their control. I said last year I would not watch an NFL game until he got on a team. I’m saying again this year. I will not watch a single NFL game nor purchase any NFL merchandise until he get’s a legitimate shot. I don;t think he’ll get one. The feminists have made him persona non grata in the NFL and all the teams have been informed. They WILL genuflect in obeisance. I will be totally surprised if I’m wrong, but, I don’t think I am. It’s a dam shame. The guy CAN play.

    • Paul

      Ironically, Peyton Manning lost the SB this year by the same spread (30 points) that Tebow lost against the Pats in the 2011 playoffs.

      • Joseph Croasdaile

        The SB was by far more embarrassing… Manning was fooled into thinking the Broncos were legit due to Tebow’s success and this is coming from a Bronco fan. The D has always been suspect… DT is good… but Decker wasn’t really great… then running game without Tebow blows…

        The Broncos with Manning won’t win the SB…

  • Romeo Void

    The love of Tebow by his millions of fans will NEVER die. Go Tebow!

  • gdrkn

    Nice guy but the sad fact is Tim Tebow stinks on ice

  • Bonky

    Tim Tebow has had a seriously mediocre career. I have no idea where Post Corner got the stats, Tebow had 26 TD’s at Denver [2 years] if you include his rushing TD’s. He’s a pretty good athlete but do you folks really think there’s some conspiracy against him? If he could play QB, he’d be signed with a team. He’s athletic, but he’s not a good QB. He was abysmal in New England in the preseason.

    • Joseph Croasdaile

      I like how you don’t address the subject of the article. Fact is Tebow is better than Vince Young and Vince is a lazy out of shape POS

      Also in regards to the TD stats it is called reading / fact finding. Regular Season + Post Season with Denver = 32

      Also you can’t even get his regular season TD total correct which is 29 so nice fail…

      • Bonky

        I’m sorry your boyfriend isn’t with a team, just take him out to dinner and make him feel better…..mkay?

        • Joseph Croasdaile

          childish inane comments? ok troll… nice follow up fail to your original

  • Gerald Smith

    The concept that one player “deserves” a tryout more than another is foreign to me, because it implies that a player is somehow being treated unfairly if he doesn’t get a tryout.

    • Joseph Croasdaile

      The concept that Vince Young is out of shape and it is a joke that he was given a tryout… that he wasn’t deserving of a tryout

    • Post Corner

      How about: Tebow not being being invited to a tryout is plain stupidity. Vince Young was on suicide watch in Tenn. In 2011 he was atrocious.

      • Joseph Croasdaile

        I live in Nashville… Vince was the biggest baby and the worst leader you could have. I swear when he ran I was like 50/50 chance he will hurt his hammy or something because he was so lazy had bad work ethic.

  • BarrysaDick

    The NFL is kowtowing to the fascist left, I really enjoyed the game but it is obviously not about the game anymore. I can live without the NFL.

  • Nicholas Lisbon

    Tebow is good where he is. He is not an NFL QB

  • glw

    Tebow’s first year stats are better than both Elway’s and Manning’s. He deserves a chance to play.