Tim Tebow Deserves Cleveland Browns Tryout More Than Vince Young

By Ross Simon
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On Monday, Vince Young had a tryout for the Cleveland Browns, along with Tyler Thigpen. This is not only a disgrace to the game, but it turns the already dysfunctional Browns into a complete sideshow. For starters: like it or not, Brian Hoyer has earned the starting role through only just 10 quarters of football, because those 10 quarters provided more hope for a fanbase than the past 14 years put together. Young also does not deserve a tryout with a professional football team when a better player sits on the sidelines doing television work instead of playing football. That player is none other than Tim Tebow.

Tebow is arguably the greatest college football player of all time, but that is besides the point on why he deserves a tryout over Young. Tebow, for all the distractions he brings, not only has a winning record as a starting quarterback in the NFL, but he has also won in the postseason — something that Young hasn’t come close to accomplishing. Tebow brings a dynamic style of play to the table that deserves a chance in the NFL. Tebow brings the brute strength of a linebacker with the speed of a running back and he can throw the football down field! Yes, Tebow has an elongated throwing motion that allows the blitz in, but Tebow has such presence in the pocket that he simply feels the pressure and evades it! Young, with similar attributes in a previous life, has gained so much weight in his years out of football that it’s hard to tell that it’s even still the same player.

Young is well known throughout the league for his work ethic, or lack thereof. Today, Young not only looked incredibly out of shape, but he clearly has lost a wide range of motion on his throwing arm by simply being away from the game for so long. A lot of people knock Tebow for the fact that he is so bulky it diminishes his range of motion, but at least Tebow can still throw the football unlike our friend Vince Young.

Tebow is not going to get another chance in the NFL — we know this. But the fact that Brandon Weeden has a job as a backup in the league and Tebow can’t even get into the training facility is an absolute travesty. Tebow is a proven winner, an incredible leader and will be the hardest worker on your team day in and day out. Are those not traits that we preach for from NFL players? Or would we rather have a player who is such a prima donna that he simply believes that he’s good enough to be an NFL quarterback? Young, if anything, has proven through his irresponsible and erratic actions, on and off the field, that he does not deserve the chance to be even a distraction in an NFL locker room — let alone to try and find the playing field.

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