Supposed Tony Romo Curse a Ridiculous Claim By Dallas Cowboys Fans

By Jeremy Martin
Tony Romo at Dallas Mavericks playoff game
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He was an undrafted free agent from Eastern Illinois. Nothing was expected from him and in ten seasons he has passed for 29,565 yards, 208 touchdowns and a career passer rating of 95.8. He has thrown the most touchdowns in Dallas Cowboys history — more than Troy Aikman and more than Roger Staubach. His career passer rating ranks him fifth all time. Most fanbases would give anything for a QB with those numbers and they would build a statue to honor him. However, in the case of Tony Romo, not only is he not beloved, he is not even respected.

In the minds of Cowboys fans, Romo isn’t a QB; he is a punch line that never gets old. He is abused on social media with a new joke every week. His name has become a verb used for when an athlete or a team fails. When a player or team makes a mistake at the end of the game, they “pull a Romo.”

The latest ridiculous example of disrespect is the “Tony Romo Curse.” Apparently if Tony Romo has ever stepped foot in your arena and you happen to lose a game in the six months that follow, it’s because of the “Tony Romo Curse.” So far in 2014, the “Tony Romo Curse” has been blamed for SMU missing the NCAA Tournament and for them losing in the NIT Championship and for Duke’s loss to Mercer. It has also been blamed for the Dallas Stars‘ elimination from the playoffs and most recently the game four loss by the Dallas Mavericks last night. I’ve got news for the fans who are buying in to the “Tony Romo Curse”: There’s no curse you moron. Those teams would have lost whether Romo was there or not.

So why is Romo everyone’s favorite whipping boy? For some it’s because during his first playoff game he fumbled a snap as the holder on a FG attempt. Fans remember that play but forget the fact Romo had drove Dallas 70 yards to put them  position to win the game.  Some people hate Romo because he hasn’t gotten the Cowboys to the playoffs the last three seasons, ignoring the fact that Dallas has had some of the worst defenses in franchise history. What is Romo supposed to do? Play both quarterback and safety?

The typical Cowboys fan wants Romo out of Dallas because they believe that they deserve better than him, but in reality it is Romo who deserves better than the Cowboys fans.

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