NFL Rumors: Top Candidates For Hard Knocks 2014

By Andrew Fisher
Hard Knocks 2014
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

People love them some Hard Knocks. The popular HBO series featuring an NFL team going through training camp is always must-see. There’s all kinds of drama, and sound bytes galore. There’s just one problem — teams don’t exactly want to go on the show.

You can understand why coaches would want nothing to do with Hard Knocks. Some of the players probably really dig the extra attention, but it’s hard to say the cameras aren’t a distraction on some level.

It’s thought that a team will be appointed if there are no volunteers this year. One way or another, fans are going to get a new season.

So which team will be featured on Hard Knocks 2014?

There are three rumored finalists: Chicago Bears, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers. The league is denying that finalists have been named, so no one really knows what to think.

Okay, so maybe all three teams are not in the running? But you have to think one of those three is realistic. I’m crossing off the Giants, because I just don’t see a Tom Coughlin team being involved in a television series.

The Bears and Steelers, however, would both make excellent choices. Both are popular nationwide. Both have high-profile stars. Both have a lot of personalities on their rosters.

If I had to pick one and make a guess on who will get the nod, I’ll go with Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin could manage all that goes along with Hard Knocks, and this Steelers team in its current state would make for interesting television.

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