Denver Broncos TE Julius Thomas Poor Sport For Downgrading Seattle Seahawks' Defense

By Jack Delaney
Julius Thomas Seattle Seahawks Comment
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If someone is truly a winner in the NFL, then they know when they are defeated. A winner won’t make excuses; he will shake his opponent’s hand, congratulate him on a game well played and go back to the drawing board to figure out how to not get his butt beat the next time he takes the field. The fact that Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas believes that his team lost the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks because of poor play from the Broncos’ offense rather than from a dominant performance from Seattle’s defense is not the mentality of a winner.

Thomas went on to tell the Denver Post that the Seahawks were not any more physical than some of the other defenses the team had faced throughout the year and that the Denver offense failed by not executing. The offense was unable to get anything going on the ground, and despite the fact that Peyton Manning attempted almost double the amount of passes of Russell Wilson, the offense was never able to find any rhythm in the game. That, of course, was due to the pressure and physicality of Seattle’s defense.

The Seattle offense did not put up mind blowing numbers, but it didn’t have to. Wilson remained calm and collected, and the offense took advantage of any opportunities it was given. From safeties to interceptions, the defense also executed when called upon. It is understandable that such a blowout would not sit well with Thomas, but the simple fact is the Broncos were manhandled. The 27th ranked pass defense for the Broncos obviously couldn’t contain Wilson and his teammates, but Denver’s first ranked pass offense was completely removed from the game.

He may not have intended for his comments to be perceived as poor sportsmanship, but his claims just appear to be empty excuses at this point.

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