Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo Will Be A Hall of Famer

By Matt Banks
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Tony Romo is one of the most under-appreciated quarterbacks in the NFL. Many will poke fun and laugh at his misfortune simply because he is the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Those people will be cursing his name until, and probably after, his bust resides in Canton, OH.

His stats to this point include: 29,565 passing yards (42nd all-time), 208 touchdown passes (31st all-time), a 95.8 passer rating (5th all-time), 64.6% completion percentage (4th all-time) and 2,439 completions (39th all-time).

For those who want to dwell on his late-game mistakes, he has also engineered 23 game-winning drives in his career. If he stays healthy and plays out the rest of his contract, which gives him five more seasons, he will see his name among the greatest to ever play his position.

His current numbers prove that he is, and has been, a good quarterback. If we take his season averages and measure them across the next five years, it may completely change the way fans view him historically.

Romo averages 26 touchdowns, 3,695 yards, and 305 completions per season. Assuming that he does no better or no worse than his averages, he will finish his career with 308 touchdowns, 48,040 passing yards, and 3,964 completions. He would be eighth in both yards and completions and seventh in touchdowns. He would have the type of resume that would compare to current and future Hall-of-Fame members like Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, John Elway, Johnny Unitas, Warren Moon, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees.

The main knock on Romo is his inability to deliver in the playoffs. He has a 1-3 record with one of the most memorable blunders in playoff history in which he bobbled a PAT against the Seattle Seahawks. He didn’t play terribly in those games. He threw for 832 yards and had four touchdowns and two interceptions. He just hasn’t been able to deliver the huge offensive game that nobody can forget.

Playing at the same time as Brady, Manning, and Brees work against Romo. These quarterbacks make things look so easy. They fling the ball around for 300-400 yards a game. That kind of play is not normal. Those guys are freaks. We’ve been spoiled, thinking those kinds of performances should come week in and week out. If those are the expectations for quarterback play in the future, the fans and media will be overlooking solid performances and careers.

Romo has never had a dominant defense like Tom Brady or Eli Manning. If he did, he might be the guy with multiple Super Bowl rings.

Don’t be spoiled.

I understand the hatred that follows the Dallas Cowboys franchise, and particularly their QB position. Romo should be celebrated for his career up to this point and for what he may accomplish in the future. He may never get the respect and admiration that he truly deserves until he is finally sliding on his gold jacket in Canton.

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