2014 NFL Draft: Houston Texans' Pick Must Be Johnny Manziel

By Jeff Smith

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first pick or if they trade down a few picks to land him; Johnny Manziel needs to be the Houston Texans‘ first-round draft pick on Thursday.

Why does he have to be their pick? Because it will make them that team. The team that everyone is talking about; the team getting the attention; the team with jerseys that are flying off of the racks and tickets selling out of the box office. The Texans need this, and they need to take the risk that is Johnny Football.

Manziel not only has the ability to sell jerseys, tickets and pretty much anything at all with the name “Manziel” attached to it in some way, but he can also win games. If you doubt it now, he’ll prove you wrong. He proved everyone wrong consistently throughout his career, no matter how bad his defense was. So now he’ll get a chance to play with a defense that is solid and can even get better through the draft.

As badly as I want to see Manziel go to the other Texas team in the Dallas Cowboys, I know how unrealistic it is. I’ll root for Manziel to Dallas all week leading up to the draft, just like I have since the college football season ended, but the place that he SHOULD go is to Houston.

Texans fans, if you want to go from a 2-14 to a team fighting for a playoff spot or possibly locking one up this season, then hope that the team takes Manziel. He’s not just the most talked about player in the 2014 NFL Draft; he’s the guy who can change football for the Houston Texans’ organization for years and years to come.

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