San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Will Never Learn His Lesson

Colin Kaepernick

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Even though Colin Kaepernick faces less scrutiny than teammate Aldon Smith for making a bomb threat in LAX, the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers has further damaged a rocky image with a shady police incident.

As far as off the field issues go in 2014, Kaepernick’s endeavors have been rather mild. From Ray Rice facing aggravated assault charges for allegedly knocking out his fiancee to wide receiver Mike Williams being stabbed, the NFL has been busy with players making poor decisions and being involved in troubling incidents. While he hasn’t be formally charged with any crimes, Kaepernick should not receive the benefit of the doubt if he finds himself in similar situations.

One of the most interesting views of media portrayals that I have heard is that while cornerback Richard Sherman has generally been presented as a thug, he is in fact a Stanford graduate who is also a philanthropist who tries to improve the lives of others through his charity and fundraising events. Kaepernick, on the other hand, appears to try to portray himself as a thug with his appearance even though the media is much less critical of his cocky demeanor. Granted, Kaepernick has not been involved in some of the “controversies” that Sherman has, but the quarterback still seems to be given a free pass.

I do not want to disrespect the nobility and importance of adoption, but many individuals still carry issues from being separated from their birth parents, which is completely understandable. Perhaps because of this, however, Kaepernick was a little more sheltered than other children.

Whatever the reason may be, Kaepernick’s career has seemed to be filled with a lack of criticism. Out of all the quarterbacks in the NFL, and especially for a mobile quarterback, he appears to be babied. All you will hear is analysts gushing over him every game, and few will attempt to find any flaws within his game. Obviously, this type of babying has made Kaepernick feel that he is immune to public judgement.

I have no objection to individuals getting tattoos, but obviously when you cover yourself from head to toe, you want to present a certain image to the world. Kaepernick’s tattoos are mainly religious in nature, but he once again may have been sheltered from what public perception really feels about a young athlete covered in ink.

I really do hope he has learned a lesson from this incident, but I have a feeling that he hasn’t. He will most likely continue to act the same way and continue to make questionable decisions.

If completely cleared from any suspicion in this police investigation, Kaepernick will once again feel that he has a free pass to act in any manner he wishes without society’s judgement.

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  • ninerguy

    What a stupid article. I mean no disrespect to the nobility of unqualified people who have sports blogs, but sometimes when you are unqualified you base your premises off of unsupported claims. Many unqualified writers still carry writing issues from grade school. I have no objection to individuals writing things on the Internet, but obviously if you make so many uneducated psychological and sociological claims about the 49ers quarterback, you are obviously looking for attention as a Seahawks fan with significantly less education than Richard Sherman. I really hope youve leaned your lesson by posting such a stupid article resembling a rant from a drunken uncle, but i have a feeling you haven’t. If no recourse is taken to the publication of such a stupid article, you will once again feel you have a free pass to write again of the philosophies of an intoxicated uncle without society’s judgement. Idiot.

    • Jack Delaney

      Thanks for reading the article! I have more work if you are interested in commenting on, and please feel free to share any articles you have written that you would like reviewed. Regards.

      • Debfan

        NOT interested in reading anymore of your biased articles.

      • ninerguy

        Sorry. The only things I am published in have a front and back cover and had to be selected and edited before being admitted to a scholarly publication. You can’t find it in the freelance, unedited, anybody-can-type-anything blog world of crap. Plus the research and notations wouldn’t easily translate. They would require people to look at books.

        • canucks24365

          Name the last book you read idiot!

          • ninerguy

            The Courage to Be by Paul Tillich

          • canucks24365

            Will you share with us how your faith provides for you to denigrate others?

          • ninerguy

            Ah yes. You are correct in assuming that it doesn’t. There is a reason I never comment on things, and your assumption would most likely be the reason. I got caught up in my passion and distaste for the perpetuation of the defamation of a person’s character based solely on generalities and unresearched assumptions. But alas you pointed out my reservations veiled behind the anonymity of the Internet. I am humbled, and I apologize for my rudeness. Though I do wish that future judgements of a person’s character not be loosely based on one’s adoption status, tattoo decisions, or incident reports that lack accusation.

          • canucks24365

            i am not assuming anything, i know Tillichs’ writings do not condone, in any way, the kind of comments you wrote about Delaney.

            Americas’ greatest threat to Christianity are the many ‘Christians’ who represent as you do.

            If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck …. there is a good chance its a duck (or a wannabe duck).

            Kaepernick was given huge talents and he chooses to represent himself in the way he does …. that is a shame.

            Also, with the greatest respect, You will have more credibility with better sentence structure and less vitriol.

          • ninerguy

            Take care

          • canucks24365

            Peace be with You

    • canucks24365

      ninerguy…or gal …. or whatever. What a stupid comment you initiated. I do disrespect people who are rude while being ignorant. i think it is a good bet that you have not published a thing other than perhaps in your weekly church agenda or perhaps on the nra website.

  • Kenneth

    I do have to say that this is a real bush league article. How does Colin Kaepernick portray himself as a thug? Through his cockiness? Is that synonymous with thuggery? What do you mean he won’t learn his lesson?

    As opposed to the first commenter, my only problem is that your definition of thuggery, to me, is like, way way way off. DeSean Jackson presents himself as a thug. Riley Cooper (briefly) presented himself as a thug. Richie Incognito presents himself as and is a thug. I never got that air from either Kaepernick or the Stanford educated Richard Sherman, who is playing the media like fiddles.

    • Jack Delaney


      The fact that he seems to make his tattoos about who he is by volunteering to do magazine covers that showcase them as well as his demeanor, gives off a thug impression to myself. Some people may view the definition as someone who is going to hit you over the head with a baseball bat, but I think of a thug as someone who is trying too hard to convince people of something. Whether that is toughness, superiority or just a desire for attention, that reflects a thug persona in my opinion.

      His image has nothing to do with him not learning his lesson. The fact that he at times seems to be given a free pass compared to other players is the reason he will have a hard time learning his lesson.

      I do not have any personal issue with him and wish him all the success in the world. Just like you are entitled to call my article “bush league”, I am entitled to express my opinion. Thanks for the comments.

  • No hope for Humanity

    “Whatever the reason may be, Kaepernick’s career has seemed to be filled with a lack of criticism…” Go on social media and you will see how people criticize him. Sports reporters/writers criticize him. You are also making assumptions about this man’s life and it is very ignorant to do. I would also like to know what a thug looks like to you? There is no specific look to a thug. I hate that this word is loosely being used to describe mainly black men these days. It’s pathetic!

    • canucks24365

      There is definitely a ‘look’ attributed to certain types of thugs. There is quite a list.

    • Jack Delaney

      He will of course have his detractors from random fans on social media and certain writers, but I feel Kaepernick receives positive bias similar to the perception of Duke and Dick Vitale. There isn’t assumptions that he chooses to do magazine covers that highlights himself covered in tattoos, associating with an individual that put him in this situation to begin with and you can read the ESPN article that as of last year, he had no desire to be in contact with his birth mother . I think it is pretty clear that the adoption has had some effect on his life that he still carries with him, but everyone is free to think as they wish.

      He gives the impression of a thug to me because once again, he decides to highlight and showcase an aspect of himself that is often used as a way to get attention or try and look tougher than one is. He is free to do whatever he wants, but his attitude and choices present that image to me.

      Much like I was able to express my opinions in this article, I respect the fact that you have your own. Thanks for commenting.

  • canucks24365

    Good article Jack. It’s time someone calls out the thug mentality on the 9ers team. Kaepernick dresses the thug role…. CK plays the thug role .

    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck …. it’s probably a duck!

    • Jack Delaney

      Sports fans are filled with passion, and I am glad people can express their views on this topic. Even if my viewpoint is not widely accepted, I am glad to be able to voice it and receive responses. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and thanks for the comments

      • canucks24365

        Yes we are filled with passion about sports. i find Your comments thoughtful and well worth considering.

        The CK situation has me thinking too. Why represent all the tatoos, bling and dress, while not being receptive to journalist interviews? These are contradictory behaviors that suggest there are some issues in the guys mind. CK wants media attention and then he turns it aside, just confusing behavior.

        i compare the CK behavior with Shermans “rant”. Shermans rant is understandable to anyone who is closely associated to sports at any competitive level. Richard is just a super competitive dude….period.

        • Jack Delaney

          Very true. Perhaps he seeks out certain journalists that he knows take a certain angle? Like you said, the behavior does seem very confusing and inconsistent. I can buy into Sherman being a passionate and competitive guy, I just don’t understand what Kaepernick is really about.

          I always appreciate an open mind, whether they agree or disagree with me, so I would love to hear more insight and follow up with more potential discussions whenever you are able to check an article out. Follow one of my social networks as I always provide updates anytime I have something new.