Moving NFL Draft to Dallas Cowboys' Home Field Makes the Most Sense

By Jack Delaney
Dallas Cowboys Stadium 2015 NFL Draft
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It is obvious that Roger Goodell is not pleased that the 2014 NFL Draft was pushed back to May due to a conflict at Radio City Music Hall in New York, and the incident has sparked the potential relocation of the draft in the next few years.

The average NFL fan would stop keeping track of football after the Super Bowl in years past, but the league is doing a great job in keeping football relevant all year long. From the NFL Combine to constant free agency and draft coverage, you are barely able to make it a day without hearing about some piece of news that will affect your team.

How the whole experience of player selections is presented, now seems to be almost as important as the actual draft itself. The NFL is great at creating experiences, and it wants the draft to be something that you will never forget and brag to all your friends about. This obviously brings in huge tourist dollars for the city of New York, and teams from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Chicago Bears are now hoping to get a chance at hosting one of the biggest events in all of sports.

Goodell will place careful consideration into the length and location of this event for 2015, but having the AT&T Stadium as the future home of the NFL Draft makes too much sense not to do.

With 80,000 stadium seats and the fourth-largest high definition video screen in the world, the Dallas Cowboys would just expand the grandeur and provide an over the top experience that fans would shell out huge dollars to be a part of. If you had the cash to watch the game in one of the luxury suites, you would experience true class with your marble floors, granite counter tops, private bathroom and climate controlled palace. The views aren’t bad either.

The awe-inspiring atmosphere would attract individuals who might not have even been interested in football before, and Goodell loves to attract and grow audiences. There is no doubt that Jerry Jones would pull out all the stops to make this an event for the history books.

It shouldn’t take Goodell long to find a new place for the 2015 NFL Draft, as Dallas would provide the experience of a lifetime.

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