Should Sean Lee Switch Positions?

By Matt Banks
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Fifth-year player Sean Lee‘s natural position is inside linebacker. He is the defensive signal caller and arguably the best defender the Dallas Cowboys have. However, switching him to outside linebacker doesn’t guarantee injury prevention and it may hamper the team as a whole.

The main school of thought for this move is Lee’s injury history. Lee is going into his fifth season and has missed 18 games because of variety of injuries.

The thought that this move would take away the possibility of injury is absurd. I realize playing inside linebacker puts players at risk for absorbing more hits. The game is still football, though, a player can get seriously hurt on any play, anywhere on the field.

If Lee is moved, who steps in and takes over? What Bruce Carter was able to do in place of Lee last year was less than impressive. Carter insists that his poor play was a result of switching from Rob Ryan‘s 3-4 scheme to Monte Kiffin‘s 4-3.

I do believe there is a transition period, but Carter is a professional, and it’s on him to figure things out regardless of scheme. Great players adapt and evolve. Hopefully he proves he can do so going forward.

Directly behind Lee are linebackers Orie Lemon and Jabara Williams who have no recorded stats for the Cowboys. Other options would mean a change in position for Cam Lawrence, Justin Durant or DeVonte Holloman, who only have 30 games played combined as members of the Cowboys.

The on the field factors give proof for why the change in position for Lee is a bad idea. Just in case that isn’t enough, Stephen Jones came out and said, “moving Lee doesn’t seem like an option.”

Jones also added, “we’ve discussed a lot of things, but to be candid, I really don’t think we are leaning that way.”

Hopefully Lee can stay healthy in 2014. If he does, he may be the difference in Dallas continuing their mediocrity or finally breaking through to the playoffs.

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