2014 NFL Draft: Johnny Manziel To Dallas Cowboys Makes Sense

By Jacob Kornhauser

He was one of the best high school quarterbacks in Texas. Of course, he was the best college quarterback in Texas. Now, it could make sense to make former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel one of the best professional quarterbacks in Texas football. Should he slip to the Dallas Cowboys at No. 16, the franchise should consider making him their first-round pick.

Sure, they have some more pressing concerns this season, but the future of the organization could be locked up in one pick.

One of the most underrated and over-criticized players in the NFL is the Cowboys’ current quarterback Tony Romo. He’s a top-five quarterback talent who has crumbled in crunch time and made himself seem worse than he actually is. His numbers compare with the best in the league and he should still have a couple good years left in him. Those seasons would give Manziel time to develop into the star he’s capable of becoming in the future.

Right now, even though he has an explosive and unique skillset, Manziel isn’t ready to be the impact player he’s capable of being. He still has the potential to be an above-average quarterback instantly, but with a couple of years of learning while backing up Romo, he would have the chance to be a

star. We’ve seen it before with guys like Joe Montana and Steve Young as well as Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. When a young quarterback with a lot of potential is learning from a great quarterback in front of them, the results are generally positive.

So even though he’s ready to make an impact in the NFL right now, the best move for the Cowboys and Manziel’s long-term future is to partner up via the draft this season. It remains to be seen if he even falls that far, but if Manziel is on the board at No. 16, the Cowboys and Johnny Football could create a new era of football in Dallas.

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