Tim Tebow Deserves A Chance To Play On An NFL Team

By Tylor Walden
Tim Tebow
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Seeing all these NFL teams selecting QBs over Tim Tebow has gotten quite sickening. The former Heisman Trophy winner from Florida University has a television job with ESPN. While he has stated that he is still looking for a job in the league, it has become incredibly shocking that one of the most famous players in collegiate football is not signed with a professional team.

I understand that he has flaws to his game, but looking at all the players who have been given at least a tryout, it is quite surprising. The Cleveland Browns have brought players like Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen to try out with the team. Both players do not have a history of winning games in the league. Thigpen is at best a backup and Young has serious work ethic issues that has led him to being out of the league for some time.

If you look at Tebow, I believe that the league has treated him unfairly. The Denver Broncos were the only team to give Tebow a legitimate chance as a starter, and he made the most of the opportunities and won a good amount of his games. His record is 8-6 is a starter. Last, I checked you play to win the game, right?

Tebow also has thrown 17 touchdown passes compared to just nine interceptions in his career. A near 2:1 touchdown to interception ratio is not bad at all. And let us all not forget his abilities to win games and play comeback hero. 2011 is a prime example of this, as he had six come-from-behind victories. While the comebacks have put fans at the edge of their seats, it was what gave fans the thought of never counting Tebow out until the very end.

And the icing on top of the cake? Tebow actually won a playoff game, so he can carry that success in the postseason.

I believe somewhere down the road, he will ultimately have a job in the league. There will be one mind out there who has faith in the polarizing quarterback and will give him a chance. But for now, we’ll have to watch these football minds continue to pass him up and sign players who do not have winning track records like Tebow does.

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